Camelion Camelion AA 900 mAh(NiCd) Accu Rechargeable Battery
NC-AA900BP Ni-Cd Batteries Are Made For Giving You An Economical Power.
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These Economic Rechargeable batteries can Last up to 1000 charge-cycles. They have a flat high discharge slope and are ideal for all digital and high drain battery applications. An initial high discharge is particularly good for digital cameras and electronic tools

  • Last up to 1000 Charge-Cycles
  • Have A Flat High Discharge Slope
  • Ideal For All Digital and High Drain Battery Applications
  • Capacity Is 900 mAh
  • Voltage Is 1.2 V
  • NiCd Technology
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    Capacity 900 mAh
    Type Ni-Cd
    Size AA
    Series # NiCd Rechargeable Accu
    Available on Conzumr Since February 2016

    Capacity 900 mAh
    Type Ni-Cd
    Size AA
    Diameter 14.1 mm
    Height 59.5 mm
    Weight 25 Gm
    Voltage 1.2 V