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Ready-to-Eat Extruded Snacks - They all failed the fat test

Extruded snacks may sound like too heavy a terminology for your regular Kurkure, Fun Stix, and so on, but it’s just a way to demarcate a category of snacks made by a different process – in this case, extrusion cooking. While this process offers scope for developing relatively healthy variants (with alternative flours and grains) and inventive shapes, standards for this category of snacks are yet to be established in India’s food safety regulations. The five brands we have tested are all proprietary foods, which means that there are no standards for these in the food regulations. Yet, there must be some benchmarks to abide by. For instance, a major safety criterion for readyto- eat extruded snacks is total bacterial count. As you will find in the report, not all the brands fulfil this safety aspect.

The Food Safety and Standards Regulations provide no standard for this product category, though the Indian Standards IS 12566:1989 under ‘ready-to-eat extruded snacks’ specification prescribes limits for various aspects such as fat content and bacterial count. These requirements are not mandatory for manufacturers and it may be noted that no ISI mark was found on the products we tested. As a matter of fact, all of the tested products exceeded the limit for fat content.

Peroxide Value of Extracted Fat

Detection of peroxide value is evidence of rancidity in fat/oils. As per IS 12566: 1989, in ready-to-eat extruded snacks the peroxide value of extracted fat should not be more than 10 meq oxygen/kg fat. In the tests we conducted, the peroxide value of extracted fat was nil for all five brands, which means they are fine for consumption.

You can see list of our CV Surveillance Series - Ready-to-Eat Extruded Snacks below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Ready-to-Eat Extruded Snacks to choose your own favourites.

Ready-to-eat extruded snacks are made by a process known as extrusion cooking. Here, preconditioned raw food material is subjected to high-temperature short-time cooking which results in the material acquiring plastic consistency. This material is then extruded through specially tapered dies. As it emerges from the dies, it passes from a high-pressure zone to a low-pressure one and this results in puffing of the product. The cooked dough is cut to the desired size, after which it is dried to the desired moisture level. Finally, the product is coated with oil, flavours, salt, spices, sweetening agent, etc., and packed. These ingredients may also be added before extrusion.

One of the advantages of extrusion cooking is versatility with regard to ingredients selection and the shapes and textures of products that can be produced.

Side by Side comparison

Bingo Tedhe Medhe
Fun Stix
Char Chare Mast Masala
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Brands Tested
MRP (Rs)
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 10
Fun Stix : 10
Kurkure : 30
Char Chare Mast Masala : 5
Taka-Tak : 10
Net Weight (Grams)
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 27
Fun Stix : 55
Kurkure : 155
Char Chare Mast Masala : 25
Taka-Tak : 60
Best before (Months)
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 4
Fun Stix : 4
Kurkure : 6
Char Chare Mast Masala : 5
Taka-Tak : 4
Marketed/Manufactured by
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : ITC Ltd, Kolkata
Fun Stix : Fun Choice, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
Kurkure : PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana
Char Chare Mast Masala : Priniti Foods Pvt. Ltd, Sonipat, Haryana
Taka-Tak : Haldiram Snacks, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Parameters Tested
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 5000
Fun Stix : 109091
Kurkure : 1273
Char Chare Mast Masala : 16364
Taka-Tak : 3909

Total bacterial count is the amount of viable bacteria in a food product and serves as a key indicator of the product’s overall quality and safety. As per IS 12566:1989 specification for ready-to-eat extruded snacks, the total bacterial count should not be more than 50,000 cfu/gm. Therefore, a lower count is better.

  • Fun Stix was found with the maximum total bacterial count at 109,091 cfu/gm. This is above the prescribed limit in the Indian Standards and hence the product is not suitable for consumption.
  • The other brands were found within the prescribed limit and so are fit for consumption.
  • Kurkure had the least total bacterial count at 1,273 cfu/gm.
Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 28.92
Fun Stix : 27.45
Kurkure : 33.07
Char Chare Mast Masala : 32.61
Taka-Tak : 29.14

The visible fat intake in diets can go up to 50 gm/ person/day based on the level of physical activity and physiological status. Adults with a sedentary lifestyle should consume about 25 gm of visible fat, while individuals involved in hard physical work require 30 gm to 40 gm of visible fat. As per IS 12566:1989, fat content in ready-to-eat extruded snacks should not be more than 25 per

  • All brands were found to have more than 25 per cent fat. It is advisable to consume them within limits.
  • The maximum percentage of fat was found in Kurkure (33.07 gm/100 gm) and the minimum in Fun Stix (27.45 gm/100 gm).
  • For General Qualities
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : Packed in thermoplastic
    Fun Stix : Packed in thermoplastic films
    Kurkure : Packed in thermoplastic films
    Char Chare Mast Masala : Packed in thermoplastic films
    Taka-Tak : Packed in thermoplastic films

    The product shall be packed in flexible thermoplastic films or multi-layer or mono-layer construction or their laminates with paper and/or aluminium foil so as to provide high resistance to the passage of oxygen and water vapour, and also to produce an effective heat seal. The sealing shall be done hermetically with or without nitrogen flushing to retain the contents in a fresh condition.

  • All brands were packed in thermoplastic films with nitrogen flushing.
  • Bingo Tedhe Medhe : Labelling as required
    Fun Stix : Packed in thermoplastic
    Kurkure : Labelling as required.
    Char Chare Mast Masala : Labelling as required
    Taka-Tak : Labelling as required
    The following information shall be clearly and indelibly marked on the label of each container/ packet as per Food Safety and Standards (Packaging and Labelling) Regulations and Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules:
    • Name of the product
    • Trade name, if any
    • Name and address of manufacturer
    • Batch or code number
    • Net quantity in gram or kg
    • Month and year of manufacture
    • The words ‘Best before’ (month and year to be indicated)
    • Nutritional information
    • FSSAI license number
    • Logo indicating ‘vegetarian’ or ‘non-vegetarian’ status
    • Storage information
    • Maximum Retail Price (MRP)
    • Customer-care details
    Customer-Care Details
    Customer Care No.
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : 1800425444444
    Fun Stix : 9266662727
    Kurkure : 1800224020
    Char Chare Mast Masala : 8222942310
    Taka-Tak : 1202400286
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : Working
    Fun Stix : Working
    Kurkure : Working
    Char Chare Mast Masala : Working
    Taka-Tak : Working
    Email ID
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe :
    Fun Stix : W
    Kurkure :
    Char Chare Mast Masala :
    Taka-Tak :
    Decoding These 10 Brands
    Sl No.
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 9
    Kurkure : 1
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 3
    Manufactured/Marketed by
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : Fun Choice
    Kurkure : PepsoCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : Haldiram Snacks Pvt. Ltd
    Energy and Protein
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 9
    Kurkure : 1
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 3
    Energy kcal per 100 gms
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 507
    Kurkure : 558
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 543
    Energy % of RDA for man (sedentary work )
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 21.9
    Kurkure : 24
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 23.4
    Protein % in 100 gm
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 6
    Kurkure : 5.8
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 7
    Protein % of RDA for man
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 10
    Kurkure : 9.7
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 11.7
    Traffic Light Rating of Extruded Snacks Brands
    S No
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 9
    Kurkure : 1
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 3
    Fat In 100 gm
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 26
    Kurkure : 35.7
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 35
    Fat Light
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : Red
    Kurkure : Red
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : Red
    Sugar In 100 gm
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : -
    Kurkure : 0.5
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : 0.5
    Sugar Light
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : Green
    Kurkure : Green
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : Green
    Salt In 100 gm
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : 2.9*
    Kurkure : 2.3*
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : NM
    Salt Light
    Bingo Tedhe Medhe : -
    Fun Stix : Red
    Kurkure : Red
    Char Chare Mast Masala : -
    Taka-Tak : -