Morphy Richards 60 RC-SS Oven Toasters Griller (OTG)
60 R-CSS 60 litre capacity, Motorized rotisserie, Convection function, Thermostatic temperature control function
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Morphy Richards 60 Litre Oven Toaster Griller (60 RC SS)

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When the baking bug hit me, it hit me real hard. And soon I realized that my 10 litre RCSS OTG was insufficient for my growing baking needs. We went to the store and looked at 32-40 litres ovens, but my husband had bigger plans. He pushed me to go for the biggest available option, the Morphy Richards 60 litres RCSS OTG. Of course, he had something of his own on the agenda too. He wanted to use the big oven to grill and roast a whole chicken in the Rotisserie mode!

And that's how the giant oven entered our kitchen.

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Product Features

The RC SS comes with some great features

  • 60 litre capacity is huge to bake, toast and grill bigger quantities at one go.
  • Motorized rotisserie allows for even and all round grilling and toasting. 
  • Convection function provides uniform browning effect especially for baking cookies, brownies and cakes.
  • 0 to 60 minute mechanical timer.
  • Illuminated chamber allows you to see inside the oven while the food is being cooked and check on its cooking status.
  • Thermostatic temperature control function.
  • Three different presets come functions viz Toast, Bake and Grill are available in this model.
  • Stainless steel outer body
  • Mirror finish door
  • It comes with accessories like
  • Baking tray
  • Wire rack, which can set to three different heights
  • Rotisserie rod set (1)
  • Baking tray handle
  • Crumb tray

Usability and Design

Though the RC SS  is made up of stainless steel outer body, it is not as sturdy as it should be. My earlier smaller OTG was much solid looking. When not in use, I would place anything on it without a care, but I wouldn't dare to keep anything on this giant Morphy Richard OTG for the fear of its top bending inward. It is pretty simple to use. The icons on the knobs and the descriptions given in the user manual make it easier to operate.


The first cake that I made in my Morphy Richards 60 Litre burnt! Yes, and that kind of shocked and distressed me. I checked with my baking buddies and came to know that the temperature while baking should be kept 10-20 degrees lower than that suggested in the recipe. So, if a recipe mentioned that the cake should be baked at 180 degrees Celcius, I baked it at 160 degrees Celcius. And there's been no looking back since then. I can bake 3-4 cakes at the same time, nearly 30 cupcakes at one go. And that simply saves a lot of time, energy and resources.I make pizzas, toasts, kebabs, paneer tikkas, baked vegetables, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, roast chicken easily and effortlessly in my Morphy Richards 60 Litre OTG.


This Morphy Richards 60 Litre RCSS OTG is a big boon for those who bake, toast, grill large quantities at one go. It's easy and simple to use and  once you get past the temperature issues in this Morphy Richards 60 Litre, it works like a breeze.


Overall Rating