Omron Omron NE-U22 Nebulizer and Compressor
Portable, Lightweight and compact, easy to take along anywhere, Power source options
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  • Generate very fine mist
  • Ensures medication reach deep into the respiratory tract
  • Nebulization at any angle. Can inhale at any angle, even when tilted or lying down
  • Very quiet operation
  • Suitable for home, clinic or outdoor use and inhalation at night
  • If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing Nebulizer and Compressor, please read our Conzumr Guide

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    Usage Home Use
    Nebulization capacity 10 ml
    Continuous, Synchronised

    Continuous: For Continuous Nebulisation
    Synchronised: For intermittent inhalation that synchronise with breathing

    Compressor Nebuliser

    Compressor Nebuliser: The compressor is the heart of the device. It pumps air into the medication container or cup to form a breathable mist.

    Power Consumption 1.5 W
    Available on Conzumr Since January 2015

    Dr. Morepen Special
    Storage Temperature Range Min -20 °C
    Operating Temperature Range Min 10 °C
    Storage Humidity Range Max (% RH) 95
    Operating Humidity Range Max(% RH) 85
    Storage Temperature Range Max 60 °C
    Operating Temperature Range Max 40 °C
    Storage Humidity Range Min (% RH) 10
    Operating Humidity Range Min (% RH) 30
    General Details
    Usage Home Use
    Minimal residual medication Yes
    Color White
    Technical Details
    Nebulization capacity 10 ml
    3.4 to 6.0
    Continuous, Synchronised
    MMAD 3 µm
    Air flow rate 700 hPa to 1060 hPa
    Nebulisation rate 0.25 mL/min
    Compressor Nebuliser
    Electrical rating/power (V/Hz/Amp) 230/50/0.00065
    Power Consumption 1.5 W
    Power Source Battery and Electricity
    Batteries Two AA alkaline, Two AA Nickel- hydrogen
    Weight and Dimensions
    Weight 0.097 kg
    Width 38 mm
    Depth 51 mm
    Height 104 mm
    Child Mask Yes
    AC adapter Yes
    Instruction Manual Yes
    Mesh Cap Yes
    Video Yes
    Adult Mask Yes