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Samsung microwave ovens are childproof with special safety locks to keep little hands away from danger.

You can see list of our Samsung MW73AD-B versus GW732KD-B below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Microwave to choose your own favourites.

Microwave oven or microwave can be used to cook, warm, defrost, bake and grill. Please choose depending on your family size and what functions you need most!

Samsung MW73AD-B

20L, Power Saving, Slim Fit, Streamline Interior.

Samsung Solo Microwaves are an ideal choice if you are looking for an all round cooking solution. With uniform heat distribution, multiple power levels and a host of other features, the Samsung Solo is perfect for everyday tasks.

Rapid Defrost feature of this oven lets you defrost frozen foods quickly and evenly, returning foods to their fresh, pre-frozen state and paving the way for a delicious dinner.
  • 20 Liters Capacity
  • Quick Defrost Function
  • Triple Distribution System
  • Power Saver Eco Mode
  • Child Safety Locks
  • Samsung GW732KD-B

    20Litre,Triple Heat Distribution System Ceramic Enamel Interior, Anti-Bacterial Ceramiv Cavity , Eco Mode.

    A conventional wave distribution system distributes microwaves from a single aperture antenna. This Antenna has a high efficiency but low distribution capacity. In this case, microwaves are concentrated to a particular section of the food. To overcome this problem of uneven distribution of heating Samsung developed TDS. TDS cooks every part of the food evenly with an aperture antenna as well as 2 additional slot antennas ensuring wide distribution of waves.

    Eco Button enables you to save the standby power up to 40% off. Just push, and save the money, the power, and the earth.

  • 20 Liters Capacity
  • Triple Heat Distribution System
  • Anti-Bacterial Ceramic Cavity
  • Eco Mode

  • Side by Side comparison

    Alt Model #
    MW73AD-B : MW73AD-B/XTL
    GW732KD-B : GW732KD-XTL
    Installation Type
    MW73AD-B : Freestanding
    GW732KD-B : Freestanding
    MW73AD-B : 20 L
    GW732KD-B : 20 L
    Cavity Material
    MW73AD-B : White Proxy
    GW732KD-B : White Proxy
    Power Input
    MW73AD-B : 230 V
    GW732KD-B : 230 V
    Type of Microwave
    MW73AD-B : Solo
    GW732KD-B : Grill
    MW73AD-B : 12
    GW732KD-B : 12
    Cavity Type
    MW73AD-B : -
    GW732KD-B : Anti-bactrial Ceramic Enamel
    Oven Cavity Dimensions (W x H x D)
    MW73AD-B : -
    GW732KD-B : 330 x 199 x 309
    Display Type
    MW73AD-B : LED
    GW732KD-B : LED
    Cooking Completion Alarm
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : 
    Color Cabinet
    MW73AD-B : Black
    GW732KD-B : Black
    Evergy Saving
    MW73AD-B : Eco Mode
    GW732KD-B : 
    Type of Handle
    MW73AD-B : Push Button type
    GW732KD-B : Push Button Door
    MW73AD-B : Black
    GW732KD-B : Black
    Cooking Features
    Combination Cooking
    MW73AD-B : -
    GW732KD-B : 
    Type of control
    MW73AD-B : Membrane Type
    GW732KD-B : Electronic Touch Buttons Controls
    Next Step Guide
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : -
    Quick Defrost
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : -
    Eco Mode
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : 
    Max Cooking Time
    MW73AD-B : 99 Minutes
    GW732KD-B : -
    Appliance Depth
    MW73AD-B : 320 mm
    GW732KD-B : 361 mm
    Appliance Height
    MW73AD-B : 275 mm
    GW732KD-B : 275 mm
    Appliance Width
    MW73AD-B : 485 mm
    GW732KD-B : 489 mm
    Gross Weight
    MW73AD-B : -
    GW732KD-B : 13 kg
    Net Weight
    MW73AD-B : 10.5 kg
    GW732KD-B : 11.5 kg
    Child Lock
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : -
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : -
    Sound Option
    MW73AD-B : 
    GW732KD-B : -
    Output Power (Max)
    MW73AD-B : 800 W
    GW732KD-B : 750 W
    Power Consumption(Microwave)
    MW73AD-B : 1150 W
    GW732KD-B : 1100 W
    Power Level
    MW73AD-B : 6
    GW732KD-B : 7
    Power Source
    MW73AD-B : 50 Hz
    GW732KD-B : 50 Hz
    MW73AD-B : -
    GW732KD-B : Power Steam Bowl & Crispy Tray (Both Optional)

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    Microwave oven or microwave can be used to cook, warm, defrost, bake and grill. Please choose depending on your family size and what functions you need most!

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