Whirlpool Whirlpool Jet Cuisine Nutritech (29 Ltr) Microwave
6th Sense Weight Sensor, Steam Technology, 3D Crisp Technology, European Crisp Pan Accessory, Oven with True Forced Air, Jet Start.
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The Unique "6th Sense Weight Sensor Technology" enables the Oven to intelligently measure the weight of food class, and automatically sets the cooking method,time and power needed, just in one touch.As a result,your cooking is done with perfect balance of taste and nutrition.

"Steam Technology" steams food by automatically setting the cooking method,time and power by means of controlled gentle simmering process.With this feature you get perfectly steamed food,retained with nutritions,minerals and taste,quickly.

"3D Crisp Technology" uses 2 entry points through which the microwaves enter the cavity. These twin entry points get activated along with the grill and European Crisp Pan, enabling the oven to heat up from 0 to 210 degrees in just 2 minutes.This provides you with the best top and bottom crisping and browning results.

This microwave oven has a preset temperature of 175 degrees, along with "True Forced Air" feature which provides ideal baking conditions similar to Ovens.Using the" Jet Start Mode" , With one touch,you can quickly reheat food with high water content such as clear soups,coffee or tea .Jet Start mode automatically starts with the maximum power level and the cooking time is set to 30 seconds.

  • Capacity 29 Liters
  • 6th Sense Weight Sensor
  • Steam Technology
  • 3D Crisp Technology
  • European Crisp Pan Accessory
  • Oven with True Forced Air
  • Jet Start Mode
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    Installation Type Freestanding
    Capacity 29 L
    Cavity Material Illaflon
    Type of Microwave Crisp with Convection and Grill
    Series # Convection Crisp And Bake
    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms Warranty on Magnetron
    Available on Conzumr Since March 2016
    Whirlpool Convection Crisp And Bake series Microwave Compare

    Installation Type Freestanding
    Capacity 29 L
    Cavity Material Illaflon
    Cavity Type Illaflon Coated Cavity
    Oven Cavity Dimensions (W x H x D) 225 x 353 x 340
    Display Type LED
    Turntable Diameter 310 mm
    Color Cabinet Black|Silver Body
    Type of Handle Side swing handle
    Color(Door) Black Facia
    Turntable On/Off Yes
    Type of Microwave Crisp with Convection and Grill
    Cooking Features
    Auto Cook Menus 34
    Combination Cooking Yes
    Type of control Touch Sensor + Jog Dial
    Sensor Cook Yes
    Total No of Combi Mode 2
    3D Surround Microwave Emission System Yes
    Forced Air Combi Yes
    "OVEN" Mode Yes
    6th Sense Technology 6th Sense Weight Sensor,6th Sense Steam and 6th Sense Defrost
    Auto Grill Yes (3 Pre Set menu)
    Auto MW Yes (10 Pre-Set menu)
    Jet Start Yes
    Convection Fan Yes
    Manual MW Yes
    Auto Oven Yes (5 Pre Set menu)
    Crisp Yes (8 Pre Set menu)
    6th Sense Defrost Yes (4 Pre Set menu)
    Steam Yes (4 Pre Set menu)
    Manual Grill Yes
    Combi Grill Yes
    Forced Air Oven Mode Yes
    Appliance Depth 525 mm
    Appliance Height 333 mm
    Appliance Width 548 mm
    Gross Weight 28 kg
    Net Weight 25 kg
    Clock Yes
    Defrost (Auto / Power / Sensor) Power & Sensor Both
    Power Consumption(Convention) 1350 W
    Power Consumption(Grill) 1050 W
    Power Consumption(Microwave) 950 W
    Power Level 8
    MW+Grill Combi output power (max.) MW 650W + Grill 1050W
    Crisp Function output power (max.) MW 750W + Grill 1050W
    MW+FC Combi output power (max.) MW 350W + FC 1350W
    Accessories European Crisp Pan, High & Low Grill Racks, Turntable Support, User Manual, Unique Square and Flat shaped Boil & Steam International Steam Accessory, Special Crisp Pan Handle.