Whirlpool Whirlpool AMW 758 IX (31 LTR) Microwave
4 Monochromatic LED Display, 3D Distribution, Jet Defrost, Crisp Function, Steam Cooking, Anti Finger Print Coating
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This revolutionary system ensures even heat circulation through a fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution. The Dual Emission System radiates microwaves through two inlets inside the cavity resulting in even heat distribution. It comes with Capacitance touch 4 monochromatic LED display for superior user experience. This microwaves has 3 heat sources in one function: ferrite crisp plate, grill and microwave inlets, for fast even cooking, browning and crisping of pies, quiches and pizzas top and bottom. The ferrite crisp plate reaches 210 degree C in 2 minutes enabling top and bottom crisping so that food is never overcooked or undercooked with Even microwave distribution works directly on the water molecules inside the food, defrosting from the inside for better performance enabling 7 times* faster defrosting than any other microwave oven. All you have to do is select the food type, set the weight and press start. The Quick healthy steam cooking with a specially designed steamer vessel and per-programmed settings ensures perfect results in steaming.

  • 3D Distribution
  • LED Display
  • Jet Defrost
  • Anti Finger Print Coating
  • Steam Cooking
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    Manufacturer Discontinued

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    Installation Type Built-in
    Capacity 31 L
    Cavity Material Painted
    Type of Microwave Convection
    Power Input 4 V
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    Whirlpool ₹ 57990
    Refreshed 6 years ago

    Installation Type Built-in
    Capacity 31 L
    Cavity Material Painted
    Display Type LED
    Color Cabinet White
    Color(Door) Black
    Type of Microwave Convection
    Cooking Features
    Combination Cooking Yes
    Quick Defrost Yes
    Steam Cooking Yes
    Jet Defrost Yes
    Timer Yes
    Cooling function Yes
    Power Input 4 V