Samsung MC28H5025VS Microwave
MC28H5025TL Slim Fry Technology, Tandoor Technology, Fermentation Function,Deodorisation Setting, ECO Mode.

Samsung MC28H5025VS

Installation Type Freestanding
Capacity 28 L
Cavity Material Ceramic Enamel
Type of Microwave Convection
Series # 28H5025
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since October 2018

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Samsung MC28H5025VS is the true silver lining for your kitchen. This microwave, convention and grill oven of 28 liters is a good buy for household needs. Reasonably priced with the Samsung brand tag, the ceramic enamel cavity makes it convenient for cleaning.




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Product Features

Features of Samsung MC28H5025VS

Works on a wider range of temperatures from 40 degree to 200 degree C with the option to preheat as well.

Various cooking modes are assigned which makes cooking literally a one button tap.

Quick Microwave: with the press of a single button, you can use a 30 second microwave function on Samsung MC28H5025VS

Eco mode: choose the eco mode for various operations on Samsung MC28H5025VS and save on energy

Defrost: the defrost function in Samsung MC28H5025VS senses the food as per the weight and defrosts it. No more waiting for food to thaw/defrost naturally

Auto program: this option lets you choose applications like boil water or potatoes or cook other Indian foods with one touch of a button

Slim fry: warm air and grill function together, cook the food to being as crispy that it tastes like fried. It is a healthy option offered in Samsung MC28H5025VS

Yogurt: ferment milk to make yogurt quickly and safely in Samsung MC28H5025VS

Has a child lock to keep your child safe from injury

Deodorize: the internal cavity can be deodorized by one button on the panel

Sound on/off option can be controlled by the user.

Accessories with Samsung MC28H5025VS

Samsung MC28H5025VS comes with a wire rack that can be used when you use grill and convention options. The crusty plate assists in collecting the fallen crumbs/crust so you need not clean the cavity every time. This prevents the cavity from being stuck with burnt food which is difficult to remove.

Quick manual- Samsung MC28H5025VS comes with a quick manual which gives instructions about functions, maintenance and cleaning of the appliance.

Principle of Samsung MC28H5025VS

Microwaves are electromagnetic radiations that have a wavelength between radio waves and infrared waves. This frequency is used for cooking, thawing, defrosting and warming food. Microwaves are generated by magnetrons which creates dielectric heating within the food to heat it or cook it. Specifications of Samsung MC28H5025VS

Type: MC28H5025VS is a convention type of microwave oven with grill option as well which makes it a complete kitchen applicance

Capacity: The capacity of MC28H5025VS is 28 liters which is ideal for home use

Color: The silver color makes it suitable for every kitchen top while the cabinet is of neo stainless silver for Samsung MC28H5025VS

Door: Stylish door with viewing window add to the convenience of viewing what is in Samsung MC28H5025VS with a handle to open the cavity

Display: LED display bar makes it easy for one to read on the display panel

Cavity material: The ceramic enamel cavity has a better capacity to hold the temperature as well as easier to clean

Turntable: 318 mm glass turntable is comfortable to place most containers

Controls: The control panel on MC28H5025VS is conveniently placed on the right side with distinct marking for easy operation

Power: Samsung MC28H5025VS works on a 230V/50hZ power which is the supply in India. The output power is 900 watts while the power consumption of microwave is 1400 watts. Grill consumes 1500 watts while convention consumes 2100 watts of power

Size: Weighing just 17.5 kg, this 28 liters Samsung MC28H5025VS can become a portable appliance too. The dimensions of the cavity are 358X235.5X327 mm while the outer dimensions are 517X310X474.8 mm which makes it suitable to be placed on the kitchen top.


Advantage of Samsung MC28H5025VS

Cooking time for food is much shorter as the magnetron technology is very efficient in Samsung MC28H5025VS

Slim fry is a healthy option that does not fry food but it tastes as good as fried food

Shorter cooking time retains most nutrients in the food

Defrosts food quickly and uniformly


The convenience that is offered by microwave has made it an important asset for the kitchen. Good looks, portable appliance with more space in the inner cavity with ofcourse the after sales service offered by Samsung makes Samsung MC28H5025VS a good buy for your kitchen.

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