Microwave oven or microwave can be used to cook, warm, defrost, bake and grill. Please choose depending on your family size and what functions you need most!

Tips for choosing a microwave that fits your needs

Microwave ovens are becoming an indispensable appliance in the modern Indian kitchen due to their ability to cook or heat food quickly and efficiently while requiring minimal oil or ghee. If you are in the market for a new microwave, here are some pointers that could help you make your choice...

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A guide to cooking appliances in India

The online and offline market in India today are replete with a host of cooking technologies. While each of these shiny, new appliances is meant to ease your life, not all might be necessary to your cooking style and requirements.

So here’s a guide to introduce you to the key cooking appliances perched on the shelves of the retail market out there. Taking one type of appliance at a time, we’ll help you figure if it fits into your lifestyle and needs, and the reasons why you may choose not to pick it up after all...

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