SIM Card

iPhone 6s is not compatible with existing micro-SIM cards.

Technical Details

Operating System
ColorOS 3.0, based on Android 5.1

ColorOS 3.0, based on Android 5.1 is a special OS created by OPPO electronics. This OS is 25 % faster than previous operating systems, as a result of various optimazation features that are added to improve the efficinecy of the device. It has a unique feature of data saving that saves both battery & data by freezing background apps. It also gives 40% longer battery life by reducing battery consumption as it automatically kills apps which abnomally consume power when the screen is off.


Camera Features
Double exposure

This features allows you to take two different shots & then mix (overlap) them, to get one final image, resulting in a unique and fun photographic effect

Exposure control

Drag to focus & exposure

Palm shutter

In this feature you have to just open your plam towards the camera to take selfies.

Voice shot

It is special feature wherein you have to just say "cheese" to take selfies.

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