Truepower Truepower Quasi Square Wave Signature 500VA, 12V UPS & Inverter
Sirf inverter nahi all rounder
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  • Micro Computer based design ensures high reliability ruggedness.
  • “SIGNATURE” charging is most advanced charging solution for healthy and longer life of battery. It is battery friendly. Reduces running cost.
  • Auto charging according to -Battery type (Non branded-branded, Tubular-Non tubular, Lead acid-SMF battery) -Capacity (100Ah to 200Ah) -Age (new or old) -Power cuts duration
  • Only UPS in India which charges batery faster from 100V-290V AC. Above 120V charging current is 10A-12A. Fastest in industry.
  • Thyristor short circuit protection- Battery will never blast due to uncontrolled charging current caused by failure of charging circuit.
  • Zero volt battery pick-up- even if the voltage goes below 9V, it straightway charges the battery. No need to carry battery to external charger.
  • PFC technology reduce electricity bill. Free in built energy saver worth 1500/-.
  • High frequency technique is used in changeover to avoid computer rebooting.
  • Temperature Guard- If internal temperature of UPS increases beyond specified limits, a special sensor shutdowns and protects the UPS.
  • Cooling fan installed inside reduces the operating temperature of UPS, thus enhances the perfromance.
  • Safety from double phase, short-circuit, phase reversal and accidental AC back feed.
  • Green Mode- UPS shut downs itself within 10 hrs in backup mode if there is zero load connected on it.
  • Runs 1/2 hp Water Pump on 875/1100/1500VA.
  • Designer looks to suit your home decor.

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Series # Quasi Series
Available on Conzumr Since December 2014

General Specification
Technology PFC
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit 33A ± 2A
Battery Charging Current <2.5A
Charger Current 10A ± 1A
THD (Liner Load) 31A ± 2A
Battery Features
Battery Any
Input DC Range 12 V
Efficiency (on battery mode) >85%
Input AC Range 180V-265V+_5V
Low Battery Cutout 14.4V/13.7V
Recommended Battery 120Ah-150Ah
Alarm Battery Low 10.4V+_0.2V
Load Capacity
Load Chart Fan-2, Tubelight-2,TV-1, CFL-1 or Fan-1, Tubelight-1,Computer-1
Input & Output
Input Voltage 100V-290V ± 10V
Output Voltage on UPS Mode 220V ±17%
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50HZ+_0.5HZ
Output Waveform on UPS Mode Quasi Square Wave