Truepower Truepower Quasi Square Wave Kissan 440VA/12 UPS & Inverter
Quasi Square Wave Kissan Series Dil se Indian
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  • Best suited for rural environment & power conditions.
  • Enhance battery life due to GPM* technology
  • Special care for old age battery
  • Saves battery from going into deep discharge
  • Can recharge the battery that goes below 3 VDC
  • Battery charging from as low as 80 V mains.
  • Can run 2 rans & 4 CFLs(18w) for 3 hour on 100Ah battery
  • Auto charging according to battery age
  • Safety from double phase, short-circuit protection
  • Battery will never blast due to SCR short-circuit
  • Free Inbuilt Energy Saver worth 1500/-

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Series # Quasi Series
Available on Conzumr Since December 2014

General Specification
Technology GPM
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit 25A+_2A
Battery Charging Current <2A
Charger Current 7A+_1A
THD (Liner Load) 23A+_2A
Battery Features
Battery Any
Input DC Range 12 V
Efficiency (on battery mode) >85%
Input AC Range 180V-265V+_5V
Low Battery Cutout 14.4V/13.7V
Recommended Battery 80Ah-120Ah
Alarm Battery Low 10.4V+_0.2V
Load Capacity
Load Chart Fan-3, Tubelight-5,TV-1 or Fan-3, Tubelight-4,Computer-1
Input & Output
Input Voltage 100V-290V ± 10V
Output Voltage on UPS Mode 220V ±17%
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50HZ+_0.5HZ
Output Waveform on UPS Mode Quasi Square Wave