Truepower Truepower High Capacity Sine Wave UPS Hulk Series 3.5KVA, 48V Static UPS & Inverter
One of the most sophisticated Sine Wave output inverters pack with a lot of innovative features, esthetically designed looks, this state of the art technological marvel gives you continuous comfort.
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Hulk gives you solution from Cold Start, Pollution Free and Sound free Environment with Low Running cost as compare with Genset.

  • DSP / Micro controller based design using PWM technology
  • Pure Sine Wave output with constant voltage & frequency
  • Battery Friendlly: Safeguards & controls the battery temp.
  • IBM Charging Technology: Intelligent Battery Management improves power factor up to 0.9 & cuts down electricity bills
  • In-Built LCD & LED panel: For continuous information about status & operations.
  • ECAC Technology (Error Correction Analogue Compare)
  • Low THD - Produces electricity just like as your mains supply
  • Also available Static UPS for computer applications
  • Software Gateway: ASC Technology-Asessing system configuration - It verifies all critical system parameters at the time of start and during the running of the system
  • Inbuilt TDR: Time Delay Relay (optional)- Safegaurds compressor equipped appliances during changeover period with a minimum time delay of 2.5 mins.
  • Battery Friendly

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Series # Hulk Series
Available on Conzumr Since December 2014

General Specification
Technology DSP
Efficiency >90%
Charger Current 11A ± 1A
Surge Rating 300%
Overload Handling Capability 110%
Battery Features
Battery Any
Input DC Range 48V
Efficiency (on battery mode) >90%
Input AC Range 110 V - 300 V±10%
Input & Output
Output Waveform on UPS Mode Pure Sine Wave
Input Phase 1 Phase