Sukam Sukam Pico 100VA UPS & Inverter
Pico - 100 VA / 12 V Pico is a revolutionary new 100 VA Digital Home UPS from Su-Kam. Its user-friendly interface makes it ideal for small home appliances like Laptops, CFLs, Mobile Chargers, Table Fans, and Radios etc. It is portable, light-weight, easily mountable and consumes less space due to its in-built battery feature. Pico is based on the latest & advanced Micro Controller based PWM technology using MOSFETs which facilitates optimal power usage.
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  • Peak Power Output 300%.
  • User Friendly LED Display
  • Very Fast Switch Over Time
  • In-built CFL Holder
  • In-built 7.2 Ah SMF Battery
  • Micro Controller Based PWM Technology using MOSFETs.

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Capacity 100 VA
Series # Pico Series
Available on Conzumr Since April 2017

General Specification
Technology Micro Controller Based PWM Technology using MOSFETs.
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit Above 110%
Charger Current 1.0A+_0.2AMP
Shot Circuit Protection >250% load(few msec)
Capacity 100 VA
Capacity Battery 12 V
Battery Features
Battery 7.2 Ah SMF Battery
Efficiency (on battery mode) >88%
Low Battery Cutout 10.5V+_0.2V
Recommended Battery 7.2 Ah
Max. Battery Boost Level 13.9V ± 0.2V
Max. Battery Float Level 13.6V ± 0.2V
Battery Recharge Time FLC basedSCR charging with soft start over full range of mains 140V to 285V +_10V
Input & Output
Output Voltage on Mains Mode 220V-230V ± 25V
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50.0 Hz +_ 0.1 Hz
Input Frequency 45~55 Hz
Voltage Range NW UPS Mode
Main AC Low Cut 185+_10V
Main AC Low Cut Recovery 190+_10V
Main AC High Cut 265+_10V
Main AC High Cut Recovery 260+_10V
Voltage Range NW UPS Mode 185V-265V+_10V

Voltage Range NW UPS Mode - Narrow-Wide range is the range of input voltage for which power inverter will work on line mode (external power) and then switch to backup mode. For example, you have got a power inverter that has got ‘narrow range’ of 170 V to 250 V, it won’t switch over to batteries backup if voltage is higher than 170 V and lower than 250 V. On the other hands, if ‘wide range’ is selected which is supposedly designed for 110 V to 260 V, the power inverter will not switch to backup mode as long as external power is available and voltage is higher than 110 V and lower than 260 V.

Voltage Range WW UPS Mode
Main AC High Cut 285 ± 10V
Main AC High Cut Recovery 275 ± 10V
Main AC Low Cut 105 ± 10V
Main AC Low Cut Recovery 120 ± 10V
Voltage Range WW UPS Mode 105-285 ±10 V
Weight 5.2 kg
Width 214 mm
Length 88 mm
Height 247 mm