Sukam Sukam Frendy 400VA/12V UPS & Inverter
The twin advantage Su-Kam’s Frendyi Digital Home UPS completely eliminates the need to have separate power back-up system for your home appliances and your computer. Powered with the world's most advanced sine wave technology, this Home UPS systems provides 100% pure power which runs all appliances without the irritating humming sound. Armed with Su-Kam’s patented Fuzzy Logic Control Advanced Technology, which protects the battery, reduces water topping and enhances battery life, the Frendyi Digital Home UPS saves upto 40% electricity bills as compared to square wave inverters. Frendyi Digital Home UPS comes with the option of a castor wheel mounted trolley for easy movement.
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  • Ideal for small power back-up needs: It can specifically be used by small business houses or people working from home who want to work uninterruptedly on their computers only, to secure longer backup.
  • Instant Switchover: In case of power failure, the process of switchover to the battery mode is barely a few milliseconds. Hence, the power supplied to the connected appliances, like computer is not interrupted, as a result of which the system does not need to reboot.
  • Space Saver: The Frendyi Digital Home UPS has been specifically designed keeping in mind the space constraint that people face at their households and shops.
  • Efficient & Fast Charging: It charges its battery 50% faster, which helps the product to work really efficiently and give much longer power backup as compared to normal inverters in areas with frequent power cuts.
  • Cost Saving: With the help of state-of-the-art technology the product has been equipped to provide maximum output from smaller batteries. This feature helps in saving lot of money for the customer, as there is no need to buy a big battery for a small inverter.
  • Battery Deep Discharge Protection:Su-Kam’s Frendyi Digital Home UPS system increases the life of the battery by saving it from excess discharge. It senses and retains a small percentage of the power inside the battery attached at all times. The system helps the Battery to retain the basic charge required for efficient and long life.
  • Intelligent Thermal Management: The micro controller senses the temperature inside the system and controls heat dispenser fan to save the system from the situation of overheat.
  • Overload Protection with Auto Reset: In case of overload, the inverter issues a warning to the user by switching ‘off’ and ‘on’ the power to the running appliances, the system gives the user chance to manage and identify the overload. Once the load is reduced, the inverter automatically resumes its services and saves customer from physically going to the inverter and restarting it.
  • Short Circuit Protection: To protect the system from a situation of short-circuit, which might happen because of any malfunction in the connected appliances or due to excessive overload, This Frendyi UPS cuts the power supply from the battery and issues overload warning through the alarm and LED display to the user. This feature safe guards and increases the life of the inverter and the battery attached.
  • User-friendly Graphical Display:The user-friendly Graphical Display alerts help the user to manage the system with ease and comfort.

If you need futher guidance regarding various things to consider while purchasing UPS & Inverter, please read our Conzumr Guide

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Capacity 400 VA
Series # Frendy - I - Series
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General Specification
Technology Micro Controller Based PWM Technology using MOSFETs.
UPS Overload / UPS Short Circuit Above 110%
Charger Current 5.0+_0.1 AMP
Shot Circuit Protection >250% load(few msec)
Capacity 400 VA
Capacity Battery 12 V
Battery Features
Battery Hups
Efficiency (on battery mode) >88%
Low Battery Cutout 10.5V+_0.2V
Recommended Battery 50 Ah-100 Ah
Max. Battery Boost Level 13.9V ± 0.2V
Max. Battery Float Level 13.6V ± 0.2V
Battery Recharge Time FLC basedSCR charging with soft start over full range of mains 140V to 285V +_10V
Input & Output
Output Voltage on Mains Mode 200V-230V ± 25V
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50.0 Hz +_ 0.1 Hz
Input Frequency 45~55 Hz
Voltage Range NW UPS Mode
Main AC Low Cut 185+_10V
Main AC Low Cut Recovery 190+_10V
Main AC High Cut 265+_10V
Main AC High Cut Recovery 260+_10V
Voltage Range NW UPS Mode 185V-265V+_10V

Voltage Range NW UPS Mode - Narrow-Wide range is the range of input voltage for which power inverter will work on line mode (external power) and then switch to backup mode. For example, you have got a power inverter that has got ‘narrow range’ of 170 V to 250 V, it won’t switch over to batteries backup if voltage is higher than 170 V and lower than 250 V. On the other hands, if ‘wide range’ is selected which is supposedly designed for 110 V to 260 V, the power inverter will not switch to backup mode as long as external power is available and voltage is higher than 110 V and lower than 260 V.

Voltage Range WW UPS Mode
Main AC High Cut 285 ± 10V
Main AC High Cut Recovery 275 ± 10V
Main AC Low Cut 105 ± 10V
Main AC Low Cut Recovery 120 ± 10V
Voltage Range WW UPS Mode 105-285 ±10 V
Weight 6.1 kg
Width 135 mm
Length 205 mm
Height 210 mm