Luminous Luminous Eco Watt 1050VA Inverter UPS & Inverter
UPS ON, Battery Over Voltage, Battery Low Trip,Battery Low Pre-Alarm, Overload, Short Circuit Trip & No Load Shutdown,Overload with Auto Reset, Battery Deep Discharge Protection with Reset Option, Ultra-Fast Short Circuit Protection, Battery Reverse Polarity Protection
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The Luminous Sine Wave Inverter - 1050 VA is an essential appliance that provides reliable performance during power-cuts. It stability protects sensitive equipment from damage caused due to rapid changes in input power supply. This inverter boasts of pure sine wave output. The implementation of adaptive battery charging control technology prevents overcharging of the battery. One of the unique features of this inverter is that it can endure high load cold start.

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Capacity 1050 VA
Series # Eco Watt
Available on Conzumr Since February 2017

General Specification
Technology FSW Technology
Capacity 1050 VA
Capacity Battery 12 V
Battery Features
Battery Recharge Time 5-8 hours Hrs
Input & Output
Output Voltage on UPS Mode (UPS Mode): 220V+/-5V
Output Waveform on Mains Mode Square