APC APC BE800-IND UPS & Inverter
98% Efficiency at Full Load, Battery-protected and surge-only outlets, Cold-start capable, automatic self-test, Battery failure notification, LED status display, Cold-start capable
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  • Audible alarms, provide notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.
  • The LED indicators provide easy-to-read status of the unit and utility power conditions.
  • Boost and Trim Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), gives higher application availability by correcting low and high voltage conditions without using the battery.
  • The unit comes with User-replaceable batteries, that Increase availability by allowing a trained user to perform upgrades and replacements of the batteries reducing Mean Time to Repair (MTTR)
  • The Battery failure notification feature gives early-warning fault analysis on batteries enabling timely preventive maintenance

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General Specification
Appliance Type UPS
Browns out Mains Voltage 167 Vac typical (low sensitivity)
UPS Transfer Time 5 ms typical, 10 ms maximum
Efficiency 95.0 %
Environment Operating Temperature 0 - 40 °C
Environment Rel. Humidity 0 - 95 %
Audible Noise level 45.0 dBA
Communication Interface USB
Capacity 800 VA
Operating Elevation 0-3000 meters
Storage Temperature -5 - 45 °C °C
Storage Relative Humidity 0 - 95 %
Online Thermal Dissipation 42.68 btu/hr
Battery Features
Expected Battery Life In Years 2 - 4 Years
Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity 135
Battery Maintenance-free sealed Lead-Acid battery with suspended electrolyte : leakproof
Battery Recharge Time 8 hours
Alarm Battery Low Distinctive low battery alarm
Compatible battery types RBC4
Waveform Type Stepped approximation to a sinewave

Pure Sine Wave is the purest and is 100% clean, regulated, and completely stable and distortion free power output, which is absolutely safe for running complex appliances without humming & irritating sound.

Constant Supply of Power Yes

During power failure, the voltage supplied by CUPS will not differ with the increase or decrease in the load, hence delivering electricity consistently through CUPS. The voltage & frequency at the battery mode will be consistent and will not be affected by increase or decrease in the load.

Topology Line Interactive

The type of operation system of the UPS is known as topology.

Input & Output
Input Voltage 230V
Output Voltage on Mains Mode 230V
Output frequency on UPS Mode 50Hz +/- 0.1% for 50Hz nominal
Input Frequency 50 Hz +/- 3 Hz Hz
Output connection 3-pin 6A (selector_surge title), 3-pin 6A (Battery Backup)
Input Connections 3-pin 6A
Weight 9 kg
Width 220 mm
Length 290 mm
Height 130 mm