Trylo (800 W) : Halogen
Trylo : Halogen
Halogen: There are several types of heaters in the market like Halogen, Fan, Quartz Heaters......
  • A halogen heater uses halogen elements rather than electrical coils or propane or butane conductors to provide the source of heat.
  • This halogen heater also comes with oscillating tabletop fan so as to heat the air when it circulates through the oscillating halogen heater, then propel the heated air in the nearby space.
  • There are some more types of heaters that use blowers to throw warm air in a direct line from the heating elements.
  • Trylo (800 W) : 800/1200, 400/800 W
    Trylo : 800/1200, 400/800 W
    Heat setting is nothing but increasing or decreasing the temperature levels of the device as per requirement because overheating wastes energy. So, you may also increase the power of heating if you have a bigger room. In addition modern heaters have a paired thermostat through which you can control and regulate the desired level of heat in your room.
    Can be used as fan
    Trylo (800 W) : No
    Trylo : No
    Trylo (800 W) : 12
    Trylo : 12
    Warranty Terms
    Trylo (800 W) : 1 Year Manufactrurer Warranty
    Trylo : 1 Year Manufactrurer Warranty
    General specifications
    Mount Type
    Trylo (800 W) : Wall Mount
    Trylo : Wall Mount
    Trylo (800 W) : White
    Trylo : White
    Trylo (800 W) : 
    Trylo : 
    Trylo (800 W) : 
    Trylo : 
    Outer Body Material
    Trylo (800 W) : Fire retardant plastic body
    Trylo : Fire retardant plastic body
    Power Consumption
    Trylo (800 W) : 1200 W
    Trylo : 1200 W
    Trylo (800 W) : 230 V
    Trylo : 230 V
    Power Requirements
    Trylo (800 W) : 50 Hz
    Trylo : 50 Hz
    Safety Features
    Safety Trip Over Switch
    Trylo (800 W) : 
    Trylo : 
    Over Heat Protection
    Trylo (800 W) : 
    Trylo : 
    Safety Mesh Grill
    Trylo (800 W) : 
    Trylo :