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Fan Heater 3112 PTC : Fan Heater
Fan Heater 3112 PTC
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : Fan
Fan: A fan heater works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source like a heating element. This fan is a key part of the heater design.This heats up the air which in turn warms the surrounding room. The fan carries heat away from the device, which can be made smaller without overheating.
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 1200/2000 W
Heat setting is nothing but increasing or decreasing the temperature levels of the device as per requirement because overheating wastes energy. So, you may also increase the power of heating if you have a bigger room. In addition modern heaters have a paired thermostat through which you can control and regulate the desired level of heat in your room.
Can be used as fan
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 12
Warranty Terms
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 1 Year Product Warranty
General specifications
Mount Type
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : Wall Mount
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : White
Safety Features
Safety Trip Over Switch
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 
Technical Specifications
Adjustible Thermostat
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : 
Switch Type
Fan Heater 3112 PTC : Tip Over Switch