Nova Nova NH-1223F Room Heater
Ceramic Fan Heater, 2 Heat Setting, 90deg, Oscillation, 1500Watts, 6Pcs/Ctn
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The Nova room heater is a Safety PIC Ceramic Heating with 1500 Watts. The heater is also 2 Heat Setting, 90deg, Oscillation and GS TUV & CE Approval.

Manufacturer Discontinued

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Fan: A fan heater works by using a fan to pass air over a heat source like a heating element. This fan is a key part of the heater design.This heats up the air which in turn warms the surrounding room. The fan carries heat away from the device, which can be made smaller without overheating.

Can be used as fan Yes
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General specifications
Mount Type Portable
Color Blue & White
Can be used as fan Yes
Outer Body Material Steel
Power Consumption 1500 W
Voltage 240 V
Power Requirements 60 Hz
Safety Features
Over Heat Protection Yes
Indicator Light Yes