Maharaja Whiteline Maharaja Whiteline Vecto Heat Convector Room Heater
Exclusive Design, Light weight, Convenient, Super Silent, Precise Temperature Control
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Vecto Heat Convector room heater is a Unique, Elegant & Compact design with Two Fan Speed Setting. The heater is also Two Heat Settings 1KW/2KW and Precise Temperature Control. It's 2KW Wattage and Built in Thermal Safety Fuse.

  • ISI Marked
  • Fins 11
  • Premium Black and Silver Color
  • Two Fan Speed Setting
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    Convector: As the name suggests this heater draws cold air over the heating element to generate warm air. This warm air then leaves the heater and rises towards the ceiling while the cool air moves in to replace it. This process continues again and again and thus the surrounding area becomes warm. Convector heater can come with or without a fan.

    Can be used as fan No
    1000/2000 W

    Heat setting is nothing but increasing or decreasing the temperature levels of the device as per requirement because overheating wastes energy. So, you may also increase the power of heating if you have a bigger room. In addition modern heaters have a paired thermostat through which you can control and regulate the desired level of heat in your room.

    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms 2 Year Product Warranty
    Available on Conzumr Since October 2018

    General specifications
    ISI Approved Yes
    Mount Type Floor Standing/ Table Top
    Color Premium Black and Silver
    Fins 11
    Can be used as fan No
    Outer Body Material Fire retardant plastic body
    Power Consumption 2000 W
    PTC technology for lower power consumption Yes
    Safety Features
    Thermal Fuse and Thermal Cut Out Yes
    Indicator Light Yes
    No of Safety Features Built in Thermal Safety Fuse
    Technical Specifications
    1000/2000 W