Brands Tested

Unit Price (Rs) of 100 grams

The unit price gives a fair idea about the cheapest and costliest brands.

  • As per unit price, Easy Maxx is the cheapest brand, followed by Patanjali. Reliance Good Life is the costliest brand.

  • Parameters Tested

    Lead Content

    As per FSS Regulations, the lead content in haldi powder should not be more than 10 parts per million by weight.

  • Lead was not detected in any of the tested brands

    Total Ash

    As per FSS Regulations, the total ash on dry basis should not be more than 9.0 per cent by weight. Total ash in haldi powder may come from dirt and dust.

  • Total ash was found within the required limit in all the brands.
  • It was lowest in Ramdev (6.60 percent) and highest in Golden Harvest (8.13 percent).
  • Foreign Starch

    As per FSS Regulations, haldi powder should be free from foreign starch, which may be added as an adulterant.

  • No foreign starch was found in any of the tested brands.
  • Packaging

    The material shall be packed in a clean, sound, and dry container made of metal, glass, food-grade polymers, wood, or jute bags. Wooden boxes or jute bags shall be suitably lined with moisture-proof lining that does not impart any foreign smell to the product. The container shall be free from any fungal or insect infestation and should not impart any foreign smell. Each container shall be securely closed and sealed.

  • All the brands were in high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bags.
  • Marking

    The importance of marking cannot be overemphasised, as it gives information about the characteristics of the product and/or claims of the manufacturer, all of which help consumers in choosing the product. The following particulars are mandatory for marking/labelling on packets of haldi powder:

  • Name of material, trademark, or brand name, if any
  • Name and address of manufacturer
  • Batch or code number
  • Net weight
  • Date of packing
  • MRP
  • The words ‘Best before’ (date to be given by manufacturer)
  • FSSAI license number
  • Customer-care details
  • All brands had correct labelling.