Operon Operon GMATE - SMART Glucometer
The smallest and innovative Glucometer. Power, Display and interface from iPhone. Smart review, Smart testing and Smart Management.
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  • Built-in Pedometer- Daily walk can help people control type 2 diabetes. Gmate STEP is your walking partner, along with built-in pedometer and can help you control your diabetes by counting your steps and testing your blood glucose level.
  • Dynamic Auto Coding System- No coding is required. Just inserting test strip into your meter completes coding operation with Gmate™ Dynamic Auto Coding System.
  • Tiny Size- Gmate™ System is very small to carry for testing blood glucose anytime in your life.
  • Large Memory- Gmate™ System stores up to 500 results with your steps date and time. It also provides 7-, 14- and 30-day averages by simply shaking it.
  • Reliable Performance- Gmate™ System provides accurate results in just 5 seconds with 0.5μL blood sample.
  • Matrix Display- Gmate System have matrix type LCD. It provides various informations to you.

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Display 24mm*24mm, Matrix type-LCD
Warranty(Months) 60
Available on Conzumr Since September 2018

General Specification
Display 24mm*24mm, Matrix type-LCD
Battery From the smart phone
Other Features Electrochemical sensor
Blood volume 0.5 µL
Data transfer USB-Serial
Measuring time 5 Sec
Memory capacity No Limit
Measuring range 10-600 mg/dl (0.6-33.3 mmol/L)
Dimensions 21mm*42.7mm*8.8mm
Weight with battery 4.2 Gm