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Hindware Ondeo (HS25PII25) 2.5kW heating element for 25% faster heating vs AO Smith HSE-SAS-025 5 star energy ratings, blue diamond coated tank.

You can see list of our Hindware Ondeo (HS25PII25) vs AO Smith HSE-SAS-025 below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Geyser/Water Heater to choose your own favourites.

Hindware HS25PII25 (Ivory)

25L Capacity, Plastic Body, Superior Safety, Reinforced Insulation, Patented O'Pro Technology, 2.5kW heating element for 25% faster heating

The Hindware Atlantic electric storage water heater is 25L capacity. It's plastic body with Superior Safety. This water heater comes with 25% Faster Heating and Titanium Core Shield.

  • Optimized Inlet Diffuser
  • Titanium Core Shield
  • Patented O'Pro Technology
  • Inlet/Outlet pipes spacing (mm)100
  • Distance between pipe & wall (mm)115
  • AO Smith HSE-SAS-025

    5 star energy ratings, blue diamond coated tank

  • Convenient temperature settings
  • Thermal cutout
  • Safety valve
  • Anode rod

  • Side by Side comparison

    Alt Model #
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Atlantic 25 Litre
    HSE-SAS-025 : 
    Series #
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Ondeo
    HSE-SAS-025 : SAS
    HS25PII25 (Ivory)
    Mount Type
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : V - Wall mount
    HSE-SAS-025 : V - Wall mount
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Storage/ Tank
    HSE-SAS-025 : Storage/ Tank
    Storage/ Tank: Requires few minutes to heat the water. Best suited for bucket bath and shower.
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 25 L
    HSE-SAS-025 : 25 L
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 
    HSE-SAS-025 : 24
    Warranty Terms
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 
    HSE-SAS-025 : 7 years warranty on inner tank. 4 years extended warranty on heating element and a comprehensive 2 year warranty.
    Technical Details
    Heating Element
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 2 kW
    Rated Voltage
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 230 V
    Multiple Safety
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Superior Safety
    HSE-SAS-025 : -
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 2500 W
    HSE-SAS-025 : 2000 W
    Power/ Wattage of water heater is an important aspect of the water as wattage makes the water heat faster or slower. A 4kW heater will heat water quickly than 3kW water heater increasing the electricity load.
    Rated water pressure [N/cm2, Water head (metres)]
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 80/80
    Temperature Range
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 25ºC to 75ºC
    General Details
    Star Rating
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 5
    HSE-SAS-025 : 5
    Thermal Cutoff
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 
    Body Material
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Plastic Body
    HSE-SAS-025 : -
    Inlet/Outlet connections
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 100 "
    HSE-SAS-025 : ½ BSP "
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : Ivory
    HSE-SAS-025 : White
    Tank Features
    Anode Rod
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : 
    Tank Finish and Coating
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : -
    HSE-SAS-025 : Blue Diamond Glass Lining
    Weight and Dimensions
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 446 mm
    HSE-SAS-025 : 444 mm
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 407 mm
    HSE-SAS-025 : 383 mm
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 473 mm
    HSE-SAS-025 : 444 mm
    HS25PII25 (Ivory) : 11.5 kg
    HSE-SAS-025 : 12.99 kg

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