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Compare water heaters/ geysers that are elegantly styled by Bajaj and AO Smith with great safety features.

You can see list of our Bajaj Flora 3L vs AO Smith EWS 3L below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Geyser/Water Heater to choose your own favourites.

Bajaj Flora 3L 3KW

BIS Certification (ISI Mark), Available in 1L and 3L, Triple Safety System, Rust Proof thermoplastic body, Suitable for high rise multi storeyed building

  • Tank Material Grade - SS304
  • Cord Type/Material - 3 core/PVC
  • Thermostat Cutout (Stem type)
  • BIS Certification (ISI Mark)
  • Suitable for High-Rise Buildings - Pressure withstanding capacity of 8 bars
  • Fire retardant cable - Additional safety from hazards
  • Thermoplastic outer body - prevents rusting and corrosion
  • AO Smith EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White

    Rust-proof Outer Body, Heating Element Corrosion Free, High rated pressure, 6.5 bar pressure for high rise buildings

    GLASS COATED HEATING ELEMENTS - Scale and sediment build-up on the surface of the element can lead to premature failure. A. O. Smith Glass Coating helps to prevent scale formation and extends the life of the heating element.

    RUST-PROOF OUTER BODY - Superior quality ABS outer body prevents rusting. The elegantly styled water heater matches kitchen and bathroom décor.

    HIGH RATED PRESSURE - The water heater has a high pressure withstanding capacity of 95 psi (6.5 bar equivalent to 65 metres water head), which makes it suitable for high-rise buildings.

    HI-TECH THERMOSTAT & CUTOUT - It has a superior Thermostat. In case a fault occurs and the water temperature exceeds the preset level, the Thermal Cutout cuts off the power supply to assure safety.

    Side by Side comparison

    Alt Model #
    Flora 3L 3KW : Flora 3L 3Kw Instant water heater
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 
    Series #
    Flora 3L 3KW : 
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : EWS
    Flora 3L 3KW
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White
    Mount Type
    Flora 3L 3KW : V - Wall mount
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : V - Wall mount
    Flora 3L 3KW : Instant
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : Instant
    Instant: Hot water immediately comes when you switch on the heater. Comparatively less water heating cost as the water is used fast.
    Flora 3L 3KW : 3 L
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 4.5 L
    Flora 3L 3KW : 24
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 36
    Warranty Terms
    Flora 3L 3KW : 2 year Warranty on product and 5 years on inner tank
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 3 years on heating element and 5 years warranty on inner container
    Technical Details
    Heating Element
    Flora 3L 3KW : 3 kW
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 4.5 kW
    Rated Pressure
    Flora 3L 3KW : 8 bar
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 6.5 Bar
    Multiple Safety
    Flora 3L 3KW : Triple Safety System
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : Thermal Cutoff
    Flora 3L 3KW : 3000 W
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 4500 W
    Power/ Wattage of water heater is an important aspect of the water as wattage makes the water heat faster or slower. A 4kW heater will heat water quickly than 3kW water heater increasing the electricity load.
    Rated water pressure [N/cm2, Water head (metres)]
    Flora 3L 3KW : -
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 65/65
    General Details
    Power on indicator
    Flora 3L 3KW : 
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 
    Thermal Cutoff
    Flora 3L 3KW : 
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 
    Body Material
    Flora 3L 3KW : ABS
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : ABS
    Rust Resistant
    Flora 3L 3KW : 
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 
    Inlet/Outlet connections
    Flora 3L 3KW : -
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : ½ BSP "
    Flora 3L 3KW : White
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : White
    Weight and Dimensions
    Flora 3L 3KW : 151 mm
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 245 mm
    Flora 3L 3KW : 208 mm
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 197 mm
    Flora 3L 3KW : 338 mm
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 384 mm
    Flora 3L 3KW : 12.4 kg
    EWS 3 (4.5 kW) White : 3.4 kg

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