Mount Type
Insta 1L : V - Wall mount
Insta 3L : V - Wall mount
Insta 1L : Instant
Insta 3L : Instant
Instant: Hot water immediately comes when you switch on the heater. Comparatively less water heating cost as the water is used fast.
Insta 1L : 1 L
Insta 3L : 3 L
Technical Details
Multiple Safety
Insta 1L : Multiple safety system
Insta 3L : Multiple safety system
Selectable Wattage
Insta 1L : 2, 4.5 kW
Insta 3L : 2, 4.5 kW
General Details
Body Material
Insta 1L : ABS body
Insta 3L : ABS body
Insta 1L : White
Insta 3L : White
Tank Features
Tank Finish and Coating
Insta 1L : 304L grade SS tank
Insta 3L : 304L grade SS tank
Tank Insulation Material
Insta 1L : Extra thick SS inner tank
Insta 3L : Extra thick SS inner tank