Alt Model #
RT28K3343R2 : RT28K3343R2/HL
RT28K3343D2 : RT28K3343D2/HL
Total Gross Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 253 L
RT28K3343D2 : 253 L
No of Doors
RT28K3343R2 : 3
RT28K3343D2 : 3
Appliance type
RT28K3343R2 : Door-in-Door
RT28K3343D2 : Door-in-Door
RT28K3343R2 : Freestanding
RT28K3343D2 : Freestanding
Freestanding: This is the most common type of appliance which is not attached to or supported by any other structure.
RT28K3343R2 : LifeTime
RT28K3343D2 : LifeTime
Warranty Terms
RT28K3343R2 : 10 Years Warranty
RT28K3343D2 : 10 Years Warranty
Color / Material door
RT28K3343R2 : Star Flower Red
RT28K3343D2 : Star Flower Brown
Color / Material body
RT28K3343R2 : Star Flower Red
RT28K3343D2 : Star Flower Brown
Door handle type
RT28K3343R2 : Metalic Bar
RT28K3343D2 : Metalic Bar
RT28K3343R2 : Digital Inverter
RT28K3343D2 : Digital Inverter
There are several types of inverter compressors namely

1)Inverter linear Compressor: Linear Compressor technology helps in energy savings, noise levels, capacity and durability. This Linear Compressor controls cooling power and saves energy upto 32% and reduces the noise level by 25%.

2)Smart Inverter Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy efficient compressor that saves energy upto 36%* by adjusting cooling power in response to the amount of food kept in the refrigerator which provides efficient energy consumption.

3)R-600a: Isobutane R 600a is best for because of its good energy efficiency, but with a very different characteristic in several points.

Digital Inverter: Samsung guarantees the durability of its energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. Always active, it automatically adjusts its speed to meet cooling demand, ensuring a trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator
Star Rating
RT28K3343R2 : 3
RT28K3343D2 : 3

Net capacity is the calculated internal volume with shelves, material etc. inside the appliance. Gross capacity is the calculated internal volume with shelves, material etc. outside the appliance.

Freezer Gross Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 69 L
RT28K3343D2 : 69 L
Refrigerator Gross Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 184 L
RT28K3343D2 : 184 L
Freezer Net Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 53 L
RT28K3343D2 : 53 L
Refrigerator Net Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 181 L
RT28K3343D2 : 181 L
Total Net Capacity
RT28K3343R2 : 234 L
RT28K3343D2 : 234 L
Cooling Feature
RT28K3343R2 : All Around Cooling, Multi Air Flow
RT28K3343D2 : All Around Cooling, Multi Air Flow
Multi Air Flow: Multi air flow cooling system it an essential feature in a refrigerator because the multi flow evenly enters over each shelf through small vents and cools every compartment of your fridge. It especially works when you open the door of your fridge to evenly cool each and every part of the fridge.
RT28K3343R2 : R600a
RT28K3343D2 : R600a
Refrigerator Feature
Cyclopentane Insulation
RT28K3343R2 : 
RT28K3343D2 : 
Lockable door
RT28K3343R2 : 
RT28K3343D2 : 
Number of Door Pocket
RT28K3343R2 : 4
RT28K3343D2 : 4
Number of Shelves
RT28K3343R2 : 2
RT28K3343D2 : 2
Number of Vegetable & Fruit Drawer
RT28K3343R2 : 1
RT28K3343D2 : 1
RT28K3343R2 : Tempered Glass
RT28K3343D2 : Tempered Glass
Wired, acrylic or tempered glass are the different types of materials used in shelves. Tempered glass shelves are usually the sturdiest.
Tempered Glass: Tempered glass shelves are not indestructible, and they can both crack and break under extreme pressure. Consumers purchasing tempered glass refrigerator shelving should make sure they purchase the type of shelves that can be easily removed and replaced.
Freezer Feature
RT28K3343R2 : Plastic
RT28K3343D2 : Plastic
Wired, acrylic or tempered glass are the different types of materials used in shelves. Tempered glass shelves are usually the sturdiest.
Number of Door Pocket
RT28K3343R2 : 2
RT28K3343D2 : 2
Ice Maker
RT28K3343R2 : Movable
RT28K3343D2 : Movable
Number of Shelves
RT28K3343R2 : 1
RT28K3343D2 : 1
Depth of the packed product
RT28K3343R2 : 721 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 721 mm
Depth of the product
RT28K3343R2 : 688 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 688 mm
Height of the packed product
RT28K3343R2 : 1610 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 1610 mm
Height of the product
RT28K3343R2 : 1545 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 1545 mm
Width of the packed product
RT28K3343R2 : 602 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 602 mm
Width of the product
RT28K3343R2 : 555 mm
RT28K3343D2 : 555 mm
Net weight
RT28K3343R2 : 52 kg
RT28K3343D2 : 52 kg