Siemens KI41RAF30 Refrigerator
Built-in fridge
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Siemens Refrigerator KI41RAF30

No of Doors 1
Single Door

Single Door: Space saving ideal for small families, offices. Also energy saving. single door is preferable as in single door electricity is spent less & it gives more space than the double door & it is also more comfortable


Built-in: The appliance look is like having all cabinetry without seeing the outer finish of the appliance.

Total Gross Capacity 215 L
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since August 2014
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Siemens ₹ 96000
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Cool…. cool… cool !!!! Keep cool this summer with Siemens refrigerator KI41RAF30. The single door fridge that is a quality product from Siemens has a capacity of 215 liters.

Who is Siemens?

  • Siemens is the number one company in Europe for built-in kitchen appliances for last 160 years, with innovation being the guiding factor in the business.
  • Every appliance is designed and made to match the needs of the buyer.
  • The quality of the product is much superior as there is no compromise on quality at Siemens.
  • Extensive research is carried out to provide the customers with innovative technology to make life comfortable and convenient.
  • All the products have added innovative features as per the region where the product will be used.
  • At Siemens, great emphasis is laid on preserving natural resources. Recycling and E Waste management contributes to protecting the environment that adds up to building a better future.
  • Siemens refrigerator KI41RAF30 is one such product that is designed to cater to the need of the Indian customer.

Highlights of Siemens KI41RAF30

  • A refrigerator of 215 L that can easily and beautifully fit into any nook in the house.
  • The hydroFresh Box keeps the fruits and vegetables fresher up to two times longer as the moisture control option lets you control the moisture in the box.
  • Vario shelf gives you the options to position the shelves as per your need which makes you use each and every space for the effective storage purpose.
  • Glass Shelves help you to get a look under the shelf so you know what is placed where or where you can place what.
  • The LED lights inside is another feature that lights up the interior of KI41RAF30.
  • The touch control panel is highly elegant and can be smoothly operated with a light touch on the panel options.
  • The Cold Technology uses 1 compressor/1 cold circuit which helps in fast cooling.
  • The door open indication feature is of great utility. Every time the door is left open, a sound is made to alert the user to shut the door. When the door is left open, more energy is utilized to cool the fridge again and chances of some rodents or insects getting in the fridge increases.
  • The technology forms less frost and defrosting is faster with lowFrost.
  • Freshness System

    The hydroFresh Box has humidity control which helps to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for much longer than many refrigerators with similar specifications.
    Overall Rating

    The interiors have metal applications which give it a longer life, making KI41RAF30 more durable. The interior of Siemens refrigerator KI41RAF30 is lit up with LED lights which ensure that every nook and corner is distinctly visible and utilized for the space.The door is right hinged and reversible.This built-in type of refrigerator is available in white color


    KI41RAF30 is a highly energy efficient refrigerator with an energy consumption of only 105kW/h/r. The energy efficiency is rated as A++.The input voltage required to run KI41RAF30 is 220-240 V and consumes a power of 90 W.


    The external dimensions are 122.1 X 55.8 X 54.5 cm as H X W X D while the niche dimensions is measured as 122.5 X 56.0 X55.0 cm.


    This refrigerator can easily fit into a small space in the house and not come in the way. Siemens refrigerator KI41RAF30 weighs just 49 kg.


    Two egg trays and a bottle holder come with KI41RAF30 which adds to the convenience of storage and space management.

    Refrigerator Feature

    Siemens KI41RAF30 has a net capacity of 215 liters. The glass shelves are made of safety glass and can be adjusted. Total number of shelves is 6, out of which the height of 5 can be adjusted and one is called the vario shelf which divides any other shelf when pushed underneath it. There are five bins in the door and one dairy compartment. This makes it convenient to organize the bottles, the eggs and the butter too.

    Comfort & Safety

    The seven segment electronic control on the electronic panel is highly sensitive and easy to operate. The intelligent sensor called freshSense maintains a constant temperature to keep the food fresh. The automatic defrost section, defrosts when it senses the need thereby ensuring perfect and equal cooling. The super cool function lets you cools almost instantly. If the door is left open, the acoustic open door warning system alerts you. This helps to maintain the temperature in the fridge, reduces electrical consumption as no need to cool all over again. This is an indirect power-saving feature in KI41RAF30 as it prevents loss of energy.


    Siemens KI41RAF30 has a net capacity of 215 liters.


    Siemens refrigerator KI41RAF30 is rightly called the built-in larder fridge. Greatly useful for households, especially in India, where it is an unwritten norm that fridge has to be bigger than the wardrobe! The hydroFresh box increases the life of fruits and vegetables that are stored. The shelves give easy access to each item stored in the fridge and the option to adjust shelves. The A++ cooling appliance works efficiently at a very low noise that makes it comfortable to be placed in any room in the house. The easy to operate touch panel helps you to precisely use the functions that you require.

    For this summer, Siemens KI41RAF30 is a good buy for the price and the assurance of after sales service of Siemens and your contribution towards protecting the environment.

    Overall Rating