Siemens KI18LV52 Refrigerator
2 door Bottom Freezer
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Siemens refrigerator KI18LV52

No of Doors 1
Single Door

Single Door: Space saving ideal for small families, offices. Also energy saving. single door is preferable as in single door electricity is spent less & it gives more space than the double door & it is also more comfortable


Built-in: The appliance look is like having all cabinetry without seeing the outer finish of the appliance.

Total Gross Capacity 137 L
Warranty(Months) 12
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The summer sizzle is here... What is the best way to beat the Indian summer heat? A glass of cold water with ice! A refrigerator is the hottest pick this summer. The Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator is the choice if you are looking for a 137 liter capacity, stylish refrigerator.

Who is Siemens?

Siemens is an appliance company from Europe since the last 160 years whose guiding factor is innovation.Extensive research is carried out to design products that make the life of the consumer convenient and comfortable. Every product that is launched by Siemens has features that suit the requirement of the region. The superior quality products are value for money. Creating products that are user friendly, environment friendly and pocket friendly too helps to build a better future for the consumer and the company as well.Siemens lays great emphasis on preservation of natural resources and recycling of E-waste. Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator is designed to serve the diverse needs of the Indian buyer.

Overall Rating
Product Features
  • Siemens KI18LV52 is a sleek looking 137 liters refrigerator that beautifully fits into a small niche in the room.
  • The vegetable box has a corrugated base that helps to keep the fruits and vegetables crispier
  • The bottle rack in the vegetable box helps you to organize storage better
  • The glass shelves make it convenient to see what is underneath rather than removing each container and the re-arranging the same
  • The height of two glass shelves can be adjusted to suit your need in the Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator
  • LED lights light up the interiors of the fridge
  • The cold technology uses one cold circuit and one compressor that helps to cool faster
  • The temperature in the freezer compartment can be reduced to below -18 deg C which helps one to store frozen foods effectively
  • A special pizza storage space is also provided in KI18LV52 refrigerator

Fridge Section

The fridge has three glass shelves. The glass shelves are strong which makes it durable. The glass shelvesare adjustable so you can choose the height of the two shelves so as to fit your containers and improve the storage efficiency of the Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator. The vegetable container has a ribbed bottom, which is at the base. The bottle and four removable door storage compartments give you the flexibility to adjust the door storage as per your needs. The interior lighting and the glass shelves help you see every corner of the fridge.

Noise Level

The noise emission from KI18LV52 refrigerator is measured to be as low as 39 dB, thus keeping white noise to a minimum and lowering noise pollution


This single door freezer refrigerator is elegant with a net capacity of 131 liters. KI18LV52 interiors are easy to clean, the hinge is flat with an automatic defrost capability in the fridge section. The right hinged door is reversible. The LED lighting gives distinct visibility to the interiors.White is the only color available for Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator.The door is right hinged with a flat hinge.

Refrigerator Feature

Refrigerators are energy guzzlers. Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator has an A+ rating and 4 star Bureau of Energy Efficieny (BEE) rating, which means it is energy efficient, which helps to reduce the electricity bills. The efficiency of a refrigerator is calculated as the amount of energy it uses to power the usable storage space.


With a power consumption of 90 W, KI18LV52 refrigerator works on an input voltage of 220-240 V.

Comfort & Safety

This fully integrated KI18LV52, refrigerator from Siemens has a freezing capacity of 2 kg in 24 hours. The additional space for fruits and vegetables keeps them crispy fresh for a longer time. The defrost sensor senses the need to defrost and defrosts automatically which ensures equal cooling. The defrost process in the freezer section is manual.The door open warning alarm alerts is missing in Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator. It comes in other few models of Siemens refrigerators. When the door is left open, the coolness is lost and more energy is again used to cool the interiors after the door is shut. The warning sound alerts you to shut the refrigerator door which saves you on your electricity bills.


KI18LV52 refrigerator easily fits into a niche of 88 cm X 56 cm X 55 cm. The dimensions of this powerful refrigerator are 87.4 cm x 54.1 cm x 54.2 cm and weighs 33 kg.


The dimensions of this powerful refrigerator are 87.4 cm x 54.1 cm x 54.2 cm and weighs 33 kg.


One egg tray is provided with Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator to add to the convenience of storage.

Freezer Feature

The freezer section of the Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator freezes below -18 degree C which is the ideal temperature for frozen foods. Whether you plan to store cold cuts or vegetables, it remains fresh even after a week when you thaw it and use it. The temperature of the freezer is adjustable.The single hinged freezer section has an ice compartment that is suitable to store pizzas.


Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator is a convenient piece of appliance for households in India. The flexibility to adjust the freezer temperatures lets you store frozen foods efficiently. The vegetable box with corrugated base keeps the fruits and vegetables fresher as it helps in equally cooling and moisture control. The 4 star rated energy efficient Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator works efficiently to save on power consumption and keeps the electricity bills in check. The noise levels are low which allows you to place the KI18LV52 in any room as it runs peacefully. The assurance of quality and after sales service makes Siemens KI18LV52 refrigerator a good buy for this summer. Remember to shut the door every time you open the fridge as there is no alarm system to warn you.

Overall Rating