Samsung RS21HUTPN Refrigerator
Side by side fridge-freezer, Full frost free, Digital Inverter Technology, Twin Cooling System, Multi Flow, Auto Ice Maker,
9/10 1

Review of Samsung RS21HUTPN1 Refrigerator

No of Doors 2
Appliance type French Door

Freestanding: This is the most common type of appliance which is not attached to or supported by any other structure.

Total Gross Capacity 585 L
Warranty(Months) 120
Available on Conzumr Since April 2016

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A refrigerator is an essential part of a kitchen the decision to buy one is always crucial and taken after much pondering. In the Indian weather, a refrigerator is a must buy for every household, because food, raw or cooked, will practically not survive if not put away in the fridge.

The Samsung Refrigerator that we are reviewing here (RS21HUTPN1 also known as RS21HUTPN) is a side by side model, implying a double door fridge where in one door is for refrigeration purposes and the other is for freezing purposes. This gives the users more space & flexibility to control the temperature for their product storage. We will talk more about the design in a bit, but first, lets’ look at some key features of this product.

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Product Features

Digital inverter technology: A compressor is the life of a refrigerator as it does the basic cooling work; by controlling the compressor one can get the desired cooling effect. Moving ahead in the compressor technology from single speed ones to multiple speed digital ones, has significantly improved the overall functioning of refrigerators. This Samsung SBS model comes with the digital inverter technology meaning it has a compressor that can operate on multiple speeds. This ultimately ensures high efficiency, less noise, stable temperature inside the refrigerator, and of course, lowered electricity bills. Needless to say, this technology also ensures a longer lifespan for the compressor, which explains the 10 - year warranty by Samsung on this refrigerator’s compressor.

Twin Cooling: The refrigerator comes with a multi flow, Twin cooling facility, which implies that there are two separate air flows and along with temperature control, this ensures that optimum humidity levels are maintained on both the refrigerator and freezer sides. In layman’s term, this translates to fruit being fresh longer; smells not getting mixed up such that milk stored in the fridge will not smell like garlic stored in the same space among other benefits. Apart from the multi flow cooling, the fridge also offers no frost cooling, which literally translates to no frost being generated when the compressor is busy cooling the system, thereby providing higher quality freezing which preserves the natural flavors & taste of the food; the no frost system also ensures that no manual defrosting of the refrigerator is needed anymore.

This model has two really cool features pertaining to ice & water. The first of these is an auto ice maker. With the clear view icemaker installed on the freezer door, it saves a lot of space, especially during the summer months, when we have to constantly fill in and stock up ice trays, that practically eats up all the freezing space. The ice maker comes with a whopping 2.0 kg ice making capacity, and a see through ice bin, allowing the user to ascertain when to make more ice. Another importance feature related to ice & water is the dispenser. This fridge’s dispenser boasts of a tall opening, making it easy to fit in glasses / pitchers of varying shapes & sizes. The dispensing facility also comes with a child lock option, a boon when kids keep playing with the dispenser for some thrill.

An important question to ask when buying a fridge is what should be the storage space to look for? This question is most simply asked by having a look at how many items do you usually store in the fridge. The fridge under review comes with a good capacity of 585 L, which is more than enough for any household of 4 or more people or a household with babies. The capacity is also ideal for those who love to shop for food and keep a well stocked kitchen. The fridge uses 190 watts of electricity as input energy.

It is not outside the common knowledge that refrigerators are often blamed for ozone depletion and global warming. Like most fridges, this appliance also uses the refrigerant R-134a, a better alternative to its older counterpart, R-12, which has lesser impact on the ozone depletion. The device also uses cyclopentane insulation (the insulation agent in fridge doors & cases); another environmentally friendly agent which helps in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from refrigerator use.


The RS21HUTPN1 side comes with two vegetable and fruit drawers (giving the user an option to segregate the two items, often missing in lower capacity and / or single door fridges); one dairy compartment; egg container; four door pockets of varying heights; & five shelves & four shelves made out of tempered glass. The freezer side comes with an automatic ice maker (explained above); two vegetable & fruit drawers; four shelves (three made of tempered glass); three door pockets; & one dispenser.

The RS21HUTPN1 refrigerator is 1,789 mm (70.4 inch) in height and 912 mm (35.9 inch) in width, thus occupying a decent amount of space that any SBS fridge will occupy. The overall weight of the fridge is 110 kg. The appliance is of platinum inox color which resembles a slate grey color. The fridge comes with a metallic finish handle, which lends a sophisticated look & feel to the already smart looking fridge.

LED lighting is the order of the day and it is a must in your fridge. Provided by the fridge model under review, LED lighting in the fridge & freezer compartments generates 10 times less heat than conventional lighting, thereby ensuring that the food is less affected by temperature changes when the doors are opened. This appliance also comes with an external LED display, which shows the inside temperature of both the sides (refrigerator & fridge), indicates when its’ time to change the filter & is touch enabled to dispense water & ice.

The Fruit Crisper drawer, designed to provide optimum humidity for storage of fruits / vegetables / cheeses, has been placed in this model strategically to ensure easy access to the produce stored in here without putting much strain on the users’ back. A Wine rack is a sheer joy to use in this fridge. With a separate storage for wines & cans, not only are the bottles chilled to perfection, but they are also prevented from rolling here to there. The device also comes with a dairy guard & gallon guards to ensure easy storage of dairy products and gallon sized bottles & containers, respectively. As it happens, a few times some people do leave the fridge’s door open. And when that happens, the door alarm feature of the appliance comes in super handy. When the user forgets to shut the refrigerator door, the alarm will go off (after about a minute).


The overall performance of this appliance can be rated as good as the device has been designed keeping in mind the users’ ease of operating and using this refrigerating system. Since the ice and water dispensers are inbuilt, there is no need to open the freezer to get ice which is a delight, especially during summers and while attending guests. The fridge is high on energy efficiency.

Samsung service centers are well spread across India, with a significant presence even in small towns, thereby ensuring a speedy service. 


As much as the high storage capacity is welcome, the refrigerator may come across as bulky and occupies a good amount of space. Due to the inbuilt automatic ice maker, the size of the freezer has been slightly compromised.


Most high end refrigerators these days come with a digital compressor, twin cooling and some other technical features such as those found in this model. However, the features to really look out for in this fridge are the extra and specially designed storage compartments a well designed water & ice dispenser; LED lighting and most important of all, a 10 year warranty on the compressor. Most brands offer around 5 to 6 years on their digital compressors. Given all the factors, a rating of 9/10 should suffice.

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