LG GR-M772HLHM Refrigerator
GR-M772HLHM, Shiny Steel/Platinum Silver 606 Litres Frost Free Refrigerator With New Smart Inverter Compressor, Door Cooling, Moving Twist Ice Tray
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Review of LG GR-M772HLHM Refrigerator

No of Doors 2
Double Door

Double Door: The use of a double door refrigerator allows extensive capacity storage. This also allows better and efficient cooling since every time one opens the fridge, he/she is not opening the freezer with it.


Freestanding: This is the most common type of appliance which is not attached to or supported by any other structure.

Works on inverter and external battery Yes
Total Gross Capacity 606 L
Warranty Terms 10 Years Warranty
Available on Conzumr Since October 2017

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Irrespective of the weather conditions one lives in, a good refrigerator is a must for every kitchen and household. LG is a well known brand which manufactures, quality household appliances. In this space today we will review the LG GR-M772HLHM refrigerator.


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Product Features

The LG refrigerator we are reviewing here is the traditional double door top freezer model. In such models the freezer is located above the refrigerator section. An advantage of this most common fridge design is that since two separate doors are present for freezing & refrigeration purposes, the freezer is much more effective than if it were inbuilt within a single door. This feature also ensures large interior space for food storage.

A compressor is the life of a refrigerator as it does the basic cooling work; by controlling the compressor one can get the desired cooling effect. Most refrigerator models now come with the digital inverter technology, meaning they have compressors that can operate on multiple speeds. This ultimately ensures high efficiency, less noise, stable temperature inside the refrigerator, and of course, lowered electricity bills. This LG fridge, comes with a smart inverter compressor, which is one of the most advanced & energy saving compressor in the industry today. It saves up to 36 % energy by adjusting cooling power in response to the amount of food one loads in the refrigerator, thereby providing efficient energy consumption. The appliance has an energy star rating of 3 / 5.

Hygiene Fresh Plus is the trademark technology for this LG model. It is 5 – step antibacterial deodorization system, which claims to eliminate up to 99.999% bacteria. Dust, fungi, acidic odor, alkaline odor, bacteria, and similar elements are eliminated from the environs of the fridge through this technology keeping food fresh for longer. The feature also deodorizes the air to make the refrigerator air, free from odor / bacteria keeping food fresh longer. Bio Shield advantage keeps food fresh for longer. Fresh O zone features ensures that temperature is controlled at around 0 degree Celsius, thus ensuring that food, once removed from the fridge can be cooked immediately, saving time & nutrient properties of the food.

The fridge offers frost free cooling, which literally translates to, no frost being generated when the compressor is busy cooling the system, thereby providing higher quality freezing which preserves the natural flavors & taste of the food; the no frost system also ensures that no manual defrosting of the refrigerator is needed. The Door Cooling technology in this fridge is patented by LG. The technology ensures that cool air reaches the door compartment faster and temperatures remains uniform inside the refrigerator.

Humidity Controller ensures that the optimum amount of humidity is maintained inside the compartments to keep vegetables fresh. The double deck construction also enables easy organizing of items. The Ice Beam Door Cooling system ensures that there is even cooling in all parts of the refrigerator by circulating air from vents in the back. Another trademark technology, the Smart Diagnosis, helps one assess and arrive at quick solutions to any problems in the fridge. The door lock feature comes handy when one wants to lock the appliance while travelling away from home and even to keep children away from playing on the device.

This model offers a whopping capacity of 606 litres, which is perfect for any large household. The dimensions of the model are 860 mm (w)*1780 mm (h). The depth without the handle is 730 mm. The fridge is perfect for large kitchens and occupies a huge amount of space. This model uses the Eco free refrigerant, which is free of HFCs and therefore has a global warming potential of 1/400 compared to conventional refrigerators which are not CFC / HFC free.


The LG refrigerator under review comes with a shiny steel exterior body which gives a sleek & adds to the aesthetics of the kitchen space. LED light in the compartments ensures brightly lit interiors when the freezer or refrigerator sections are accessed and also helps in energy saving. There is a stylish exterior LED control panel (the External IMicom) to control refrigerator functions from outside.

The appliance comes with several user friendly add on items. The Refrigerator compartment comes with an egg tray and a large bottle shelf with spill guard in the refrigerator. The 2 shelves are made of toughened glass. The Freezer compartment has a moving twist ice tray - With a just a slight twist, ice cubes can be extracted easily into the ice tray (not a new feature and is present in many low budget refrigerators as well).

Performance, Service & Support

This refrigerator produces minimal noise, due to minimum switching on and off of the inverter compressor and further, the compressor’s high precision ensures smooth on/off switching with reduced noise. The appliance is high on energy savings with a 3 star rating.

Installation & demo is professionally handled by LG. The appliance requires a free standing installation, implying, it is as easy as plug & go.

LG is a big brand and has presence in almost all cities of the country. Their customer service team can be reached via telephone or e-mail, apart from contacting your local service centre.




The double door design which separates the freezer from the refrigerator works as an advantage because due to different compartments, it is easy to organize the content inside the fridge. And since the freezer door is opened less often, cooling is more effective. With large interior space and horizontal shelves, there is also a lot of space to store the food & related items. The frost free technology keeps the food fresh longer. Trademark Hygiene Fresh Plus technology is exclusive to LG products. The Smart Diagnosis technology helps in easy identification of the problems.


One of the main disadvantages of this model is that the appliance is really bulky and works best only for large kitchens. If you have a small kitchen the appliance may eat up a lot of crucial space.



The product comes with a 1 year overall warranty and 10 years warranty on the compressor by the manufacturer, which is better than some other brands of refrigerators in this category. Overall there are many good and usable features.

Rating of 9 on 10 can be given to the product.

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