Hitachi R-SG31BPND Refrigerator
R-600a Eco-Friendly Refrigerant, Compact but High Power Inverter Compressor, LED Control Panel, Automatic Ice Maker
7/10 1

Review of Hitachi R-SG31BPND Refridgerator

No of Doors 3
Appliance type Triple Door

Freestanding: This is the most common type of appliance which is not attached to or supported by any other structure.

Total Gross Capacity 336 L
Available on Conzumr Since April 2016

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A refrigerator is a must in every kitchen, simply because without one a lot of food goes waste and it becomes impossible to store even staple items like milk and bread without the products getting spoilt. The decision to narrow down on the most suitable refrigerator requires some thinking and in this article we will explore the features of Refrigerator model R-SG31BPND, an item from the Solfege series of refrigerators by the world renowned company Hitachi.


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Product Features

The Refrigerator model we are reviewing here is a bottom freezer model which is built with triple doors. Unlike conventional fridge models which come with a freezer door at the top, the bottom freezer models have the freezer located below the refrigeration section in a separate door. The main advantage of bottom freeze models is that food in the refrigeration section can be accessed easily without bending down.

A compressor is the life of a refrigerator as it does the basic cooling work; by controlling the compressor one can get the desired cooling effect. Most refrigerator models now come with the digital inverter technology meaning they have compressors that can operate on multiple speeds. This ultimately ensures high efficiency, less noise, stable temperature inside the refrigerator, and of course, lowered electricity bills. Hitachi Solfege series also comes with the digital inverter technology. This technology also ensures that the refrigerator runs with automatically adjusted cooling based on outside temperatures to provide optimum temperature for food in the fridge and also helps in energy savings. The Eco-Thermo Sensor detects the conditions inside and outside the refrigerator and with its microcomputer control, provides optimum cooling power at all times and also ensures energy saving. Thanks to the digital inverter technology, this appliance does not require an external stabilizer to maintain cooling during voltage fluctuations, thereby providing stabilizer free operations.

The Refrigerator model comes with three doors or compartments: refrigerator compartment, freezer compartment and vegetable compartment. The refrigerator compartment comprises of 3-Way flexible tempered glass shelves, with jumbo door pocket and LED light. The LED light in the compartment ensures brightly lit interiors when the compartment is accessed and also helps in energy saving.

The vegetable compartment, conveniently placed in the middle of the appliance to easily see and pull out items, comes with a slide type double deck drawer, has a bottle corner that can accommodate bottles up to 2L size and incorporates the feature of High – moisture cooling. High moisture cooling ensures that the optimum amount of humidity is maintained inside the compartments to keep vegetables fresh. The double deck construction also enables easy organizing of items. This compartment is ideal for storing large amounts of fruits and vegetables.

The Freezer compartment located in the bottom also comes with a double deck drawer which is slide type and incorporates the features: automatic ice maker and quick freezing. The double deck construction allows easier organization of items. The Quick Freezing which comes inbuilt with air jet flow feature allows express freezing, that is, strong flow of icy air which freezes the meat and fish, ensuring that the food does not lose nutrients and flavor by dripping. It also helps in making ice quickly. In the in-built automatic ice maker, the user needs to just fill in water, and ice cubes are automatically made; located in a convenient position.  

The refrigerator is equipped with Hitachi’s real nanotechnology. The Nano Titanium filter features technology that uses minute particles of TiO2 catalyst to firmly catch bacteria and odors. It eliminates 99 percent bacteria and deodorizes the air to make the refrigerator air free from odor / bacteria keeping food fresh longer.

The gross capacity of this model is, 336 L. The net capacity sans the freezer but comprising the refrigeration and vegetable compartments is 305 L and freezer capacity is 66 L. The capacity is good for a household of 4 people. The dimensions of the model (both color models) are 540 (w)*1735(h). The depth without the handle is 630. The fridge is perfect for small kitchens and does not occupy a huge amount of space. The energy consumption is pegged at 423 kwh annually. The maximum load that the various compartments can handle without affecting the cooling is as follows: Fresh Room (3 kg), Vegetable slide case (4.3 kg), Vegetable case (12 kg), Freezer slide case (4.6 kg), and freezer case (11 kg).

The fridge offers frost free cooling, which literally translates to no frost being generated when the compressor is busy cooling the system, thereby providing higher quality freezing which preserves the natural flavors & taste of the food; the no frost system also ensures that no manual defrosting of the refrigerator is needed. A Chill Leaking Alarm ensures that any water leak is detected by the appliance allowing the user to check and fix / shut the appliance, thereby ensuring that the device does not develop problems.  

This model uses the CFC free refrigerant (R600a), which has zero potential for ozone depletion, is free of HFCs and therefore has a global warming potential of 1/400 compared to conventional refrigerators which are not CFC / HFC free.


The Hitachi refrigerator comes in two colors: Glass Black and Glass Silver. The appliance has an aesthetic look and fits snugly in the kitchen. It has three compartments each equipped with several user friendly features (already mentioned above). The three - way flexible shelves in the refrigerator compartment are foldable to ensure easy storage of items of various sizes. The top most shelf is pre-set for regular storage; the middle shelf can be folded for storage of tall items such as bottles; and the bottom most shelf can be folded completely and stored at the back for storing large items such as bowls and pots. Both the vegetable and freezer compartments come with double deck drawers facilitating ease of storage. The vegetable compartment also comes with a separate area for storing bottles. The jumbo door pockets in the refrigerator compartment can hold 2L bottles so big soda or milk bottles can be easily stored.

The appliance comes with a Mold proof door gasket; thanks to the mold proofing treatment, the door gasket can be cleaned easily. The tempered glass shelves have an elegant look; are scratch proof and heat resistant; prevent spills; and can hold food weighing up to 100 kg.

The top most section comes with an LED control panel, which is positioned right above the handle. It is easy to see and is touch enabled facilitating a one-touch use. The control panel has the following options: temperature display, temperature setting button, freezer / refrigerator display and select buttons, ice maker / quick freezing button, child lock / energy saving button.


This refrigerator produces minimal noise, due to minimum switching on and off of the compressor and further, the compressor’s high precision ensures smooth on/off switching with reduced noise. The fridge sounds a soft alarm if any of the doors is left open for a minute or more. The temperature for the freezer and refrigerator compartments can be set independently. The refrigerator compartment has a very good amount of storage space and all kinds of products can be stored in the shelves and door compartments.

The Energy saving feature can be enabled at anytime, particularly if voltage is low, or when one is away on long vacations. It will automatically turn off when it detects that the temperature in the fridge has increased. However, it is not a good option if the user has stored ice cream or similar products.

The appliance has a very good freezer and the automatic ice maker works well. However, if you are someone who stores a large amount of frozen food, you may find the freezer compartment slightly small. Users need to pack in the frozen stuff diligently otherwise a lot of space is wasted in the compartment and there could be difficulty in storing all the food. A sliding case separates the ice storage area from the area designed for storing ice creams, etc. The ice compartment is big enough to store sufficient amount of ice. Ice takes a couple of hours to set in the normal mode, therefore, if you need a lot of ice at once, its best to start early and get the ice done in batches. Another option is to turn on the Quick Freezing function,

It was found by the reviewer that the appliance was not cooling enough at when the fridge was fully stocked.Milk and water were not found to be very cold even at the highest settings.However, it does keep the fruits and vegetables fresh.

Service and Support

Company provides standard installation and demo, free of cost with the purchase of this appliance. Service centers of Hitachi are prompt. In the reviewer’s case service men arrived promptly when a complaint was made about the inefficient cooling, but attributed the poor cooling to the hot temperature outside, which does not resonate well for this product, after all that’s the very reason we have refrigerators; to ensure that food does not get spoilt even in extreme temperatures.


One of the main advantages of this model is that food can be accessed easily without bending over which is usually the case while accessing fruits and vegetables from top freezer models. It does not take up much space in the kitchen and is good for small kitchens. The double door refrigerator offers enough space to store a variety of foods be it fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meat, etc. The frost free technology keeps the food fresh and crispier longer.

The three door design is functional and aesthetic. The appliance carries a 3 star energy rating and thanks to its various features, is high on energy savings. The fridge comes with a small water tank for the automatic ice maker instead of a water inlet, thus making the fridge portable and easy to place anywhere in the kitchen and also saves the plumbing cost. The refrigerator compartment is pretty big and can easily store food for up to 5 people, being made up of 3/5th of the overall fridge capacity.


The Child Lock feature works only for the control panel and you cannot lock the fridge. However, since, the control panel is located high up on the appliance, its’ not easy for children to reach this panel. The purpose of the feature is, therefore, redundant.

Although the fridge is power packed with features, it does not come with a water or ice dispenser. This is not really a disadvantage but for the price being paid, it would have been nice to have these two features incorporated in the appliance.


The product comes with a 1 year overall warranty and 5 years warranty on the compressor by the manufacturer, which is standard for refrigerators in this category. Given the difficulties faced by the reviewer in spite of all the features listed here, a rating of 7 on 10 can be given to the product.

Overall Rating