New Refrigerators are very energy efficient and use about one 10th of the energy used by older ones due the the difference in technology used for cooling.

Since it is a long term investment, you will need to consider all features that are required for your family needs starting with type like freestanding, built-in, fridge, freezer and total capacity, noise level, power consumption etc.

Refrigerator buying made easy!

In a country like India where the climate is hot, hotter, and hottest in most of the areas, a refrigerator is an essential appliance. Our guide will help you make the right choice by bringing forward several important factors for your consideration. While shopping for any appliance you should always keep a budget, utility & functionality in mind. In case of refrigerators, please also take into account size and dimensions of the appliance, space available in your home, capacity, electricity consumption, warranty, after sales service and design style. We will start off by giving you a brief summary of the common refrigerator styles available in the market today...

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Tips and Tricks to reduce your refrigerator’s power consumption

Are you aware that the refrigerator, a home appliance, that runs day in and day out on energy could amount to almost 20 percent of your monthly electricity bill!! Now wouldn’t you like to reduce your power consumption? Here are some simple precautions if taken while maintaining your fridge/ freezer would help you save up to 30 percent of electricity consumed by your refrigerator! ...

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Solar Smart

Solar smart is special feature that enables the refrigerator to run on solar energy also.

Appliance type
Bottom Freezer, Double Door

Everybody knows that warm air rises, so it just makes sense to have the coldest items at the bottom of the unit. The freezer bottom layout puts the food and beverages consumed most often within easy reach. Frozen foods are used less, so having them at the bottom leaves plenty of room for all of the fresh foods and beverages being refrigerated at eye level. This means no more kneeling down to get into the vegetable drawer. Another plus to this design is that the fridge portion is double-wide, making it possible to store larger items like pizza boxes or party trays.

Double Door

The use of a double door refrigerator allows extensive capacity storage. This also allows better and efficient cooling since every time one opens the fridge, he/she is not opening the freezer with it.


For many people, storing their freezer in the garage is the most convenient. In addition to convenience, they have other advantages that make them the sensible choice for storing frozen foods.

Side-By-Side Fridge-Freezer

Refrigerators that have a side-by-side refrigerator and freezer compartment use more energy than their bottom freezer counterparts. A side by side model enables systematic and organized item storage with separate compartments for each food type. It consumes less energy than a separate fridge and freezer would, saving a lot of money. They're also highly efficient and last long without the need of frequent repairing. They 're slender, compact and classy, and their smooth metal finish goes with any décor.

Single Door

Space saving ideal for small families, offices. Also energy saving. single door is preferable as in single door electricity is spent less & it gives more space than the double door & it is also more comfortable

Compressor Type

There are several types of inverter compressors namely

1)Inverter linear Compressor: Linear Compressor technology helps in energy savings, noise levels, capacity and durability. This Linear Compressor controls cooling power and saves energy upto 32% and reduces the noise level by 25%.

2)Smart Inverter Compressor: Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy efficient compressor that saves energy upto 36%* by adjusting cooling power in response to the amount of food kept in the refrigerator which provides efficient energy consumption.

3)R-600a: Isobutane R 600a is best for because of its good energy efficiency, but with a very different characteristic in several points.

Digital Inverter

Samsung guarantees the durability of its energy efficient Digital Inverter Compressor. Always active, it automatically adjusts its speed to meet cooling demand, ensuring a trouble-free, longer-lasting refrigerator

Construction type

This is the most common type of appliance which is not attached to or supported by any other structure.


The appliance look is like having all cabinetry without seeing the outer finish of the appliance.


Net capacity is the calculated internal volume with shelves, material etc. inside the appliance. Gross capacity is the calculated internal volume with shelves, material etc. outside the appliance.

Cooling Feature

Frost Free System

The defrost mechanism in a refrigerator heats the cooling element (evaporator coil) for a short period of time and melts the frost that has formed on it.

Cooling System
Multi Air Flow

Multi air flow cooling system it an essential feature in a refrigerator because the multi flow evenly enters over each shelf through small vents and cools every compartment of your fridge. It especially works when you open the door of your fridge to evenly cool each and every part of the fridge.

Refrigerator Feature

Convertible Box

A separate compartment which keeps your food fresh and healthy where you can control the temperature of Veg or Non-Veg items by adjusting the lever to the left side for fresh fruits and vegetables and right side for non veg items Storage (Temp Range is -1 Deg C to 4 Deg C).

Adjustable Shelves

The most important refrigerator design feature is the number, material and expansion of the shelves. A good amount of vertical space or a large expanding shelf is essential for any refrigerator because it increases the capacity of the shelf and can accommodate big food containers according to your requirement.

Materials of Fridge Shelves

Wired, acrylic or tempered glass are the different types of materials used in shelves. Tempered glass shelves are usually the sturdiest.


It is stronger, more durable and less prone to cracking and breaking than regular glass. As a result, these shelves are more durable than plastic shelves, which crack and break under stress, and wire shelving, which tends to sag under the weight of heavy objects.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass shelves are not indestructible, and they can both crack and break under extreme pressure. Consumers purchasing tempered glass refrigerator shelving should make sure they purchase the type of shelves that can be easily removed and replaced.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass is also known as "safety glass" is often used in high-risk areas where shattered glass could present a major safety hazard.

Transparent & Arc

It is extremely strong and can be used in a similar manner as toughened glass. It provides added security because it is almost impossible to penetrate, even when broken. It is more expensive than ordinary glass.

Wire with Blue Trim

Wired glass is created by combing two layers of glass with a welded wire mesh. The wire mesh does not make the glass less likely to break, but it does hold the glass pieces together when it does.

Freezer Feature


Ultracool feature maintains ideal temperature inside the freezer, even during power cuts, upto 10 hours.

Materials of Freezer Shelves

Wired, acrylic or tempered glass are the different types of materials used in shelves. Tempered glass shelves are usually the sturdiest.

Cool Pack

Samsung cool pack is a special attachment shelf that will stop the contents of your fridge from spoiling. It keeps the air cool, even without electricity, so it can delay a rise in temperature by up to 8 hours. Simply choose where you want to put it, such as on the glass shelf or maybe in the chilled section.

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