Bajaj Bajaj Austrim 1200 mm (Magenta Red) Fan
250665 65 Watts power, Latest conjoined ornament design, Wide angular blades
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  • RPM 331
  • Sweep 1200 mm
  • Air delivery 225 cmm
  • Wide angular blades
  • Latest conjoined ornament design
  • Highlights
    Warranty(Months) 24
    Warranty Terms 2 Year Product Warranty
    Available on Conzumr Since March 2017

    Technical Details
    RPM 331
    Sweep MM 120
    Performance Testing (Physicochemical Scores)

    This includes following Tests: Air Delivery | Service Value | Power Input | Starting and Running | Speed | Power Factor

    Air Delivery 225

    Air delivery essentially defines the amount of air a fan delivers – a crucial parameter since it translates into how comfortable you feel sitting under a running fan. As per Indian Standards, the air delivery of a 1,200 mm ceiling fan should be a minimum 200 m3/ min; however, for a BEE star-rated fan, air delivery should not be less than 210 m3/min.

    Additional Features
    Design Yes
    Color Magenta Red
    Wattage 65 W