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Kobo orbitrac/ exercise bike lowest price ₹ 8499/- in India. Check wide range of exercise bikes with price analysis, reviews, ratings and detailed specifications.

You can see list of our Kobo OB-8 Exercise Bike VS Cosco CEB-609 C Elliptical Cycle below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Exercise Bike to choose your own favourites.

Kobo OB-8

User Weight 120 Kgs, The Seat is Adjustable and Comfortable, Functions Smoothly and Silently, Combines Cycling With Rowing Action

The Kobo Orbitrac is scientifically designed to achieve perfection regarding upper as well as lower body workouts. It is an ideal machine to achieve your cardiovascular targets and workout goals in a safe and secure manner.The machine is designed in such a manner,that it functions smoothly and silently. Twister helps to relax the feet. It's User Weight 120 Kgs. The seat is adjustable and comfortable. The pressure can be regulated according to the preference of the user.

  • Gives u the Feeling of a Spin Bike with Additional Hand Movements
  • Set Realistic Workout Goals Based upon your Strengths and Capabilities
  • The Comfortable Saddle and Foam Fitted Adjustable Handle to Suit all Builds and Heights
  • Cosco CEB-609 C

    Elliptical Cycle Air bike with elliptical trainer

    • Elliptical Cycle
    • Air bike with elliptical trainer.
    • 470 mm Flywheel.
    • Meter Displays : Time,Speed, Distance & Calorie.
    • Seat Height Adjustment.
    • Assembly Size : 870 x 550 x 1550 mm.
    • Net Weight : 25 Kgs.
    • Max. User Weight : 100 Kgs.

    Side by Side comparison

    Alt Model #
    OB-8 : Multi Orbitrac Elliptical Dual Action Exercise Orbitrack Bike / Electronic Meter Orbitrek
    CEB-609 C : 
    Series #
    OB-8 : 
    CEB-609 C : Elliptical Cycle
    OB-8 : Orbitrac Bike
    CEB-609 C : Air bike with elliptical trainer

    Upright Bike - In an upright bike you need to bend the neck and back over the handle just like the traditional bicycle. An upright bike doesn't have any backrest. One can use it in the same way as it would be used in an actual bike. One can even opt for standing up and pedal that way as one can do in a traditional bicycle.

    Recumbent Bike - Recumbent bike comes with a backrest and the rider's body can sit comfortably in the bike's frame with the knees almost bent at 90 degrees and your legs to pedal in front instead of down below like in case of the upright bike. Recumbent Bike can be used by elderly people or people with chronic back pain or other lower back issues or even it can be used by the people who want a more comfortable bike riding experience without much intensive workout. Its chair like seat provides an outstanding support to your back, and the reclined position of your body means you may not feel any strain at all.

    Display Feedback
    OB-8 : Speed, Distance, Time, Calories, Scan
    CEB-609 C : Computer display for speed, time, distance & calories
    OB-8 : 
    CEB-609 C : 6
    OB-8 : -
    CEB-609 C : LCD
    Fly Wheel
    OB-8 : -
    CEB-609 C : 470 mm Flywheel
    OB-8 : Black/ Silver
    CEB-609 C : -
    Weight and Dimensions
    OB-8 : -
    CEB-609 C : 870 mm
    OB-8 : -
    CEB-609 C : 1550 mm
    OB-8 : -
    CEB-609 C : 550 mm
    OB-8 : 120 kg
    CEB-609 C : 100 kg
    General Details
    OB-8 : Seat Height Adjustment
    CEB-609 C : Seat Height Adjustment.