Kamachi Kamachi Magnetic Upright Bike MB 600 Exercise Bike
Magnetic upright bike with 4 -way seat adjustment
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Magnetic bikes are based on magnetic resistance. They use electromagnetic induction in order to provide the resistance.Magnetic bikes have a major advantage because their parts do not wear and tear, as there is no direct friction or even contact.

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Display Feedback LCD display which shows time/speed/calories/distance
Magnetic upright bike

Upright Bike - In an upright bike you need to bend the neck and back over the handle just like the traditional bicycle. An upright bike doesn't have any backrest. One can use it in the same way as it would be used in an actual bike. One can even opt for standing up and pedal that way as one can do in a traditional bicycle.

Recumbent Bike - Recumbent bike comes with a backrest and the rider's body can sit comfortably in the bike's frame with the knees almost bent at 90 degrees and your legs to pedal in front instead of down below like in case of the upright bike. Recumbent Bike can be used by elderly people or people with chronic back pain or other lower back issues or even it can be used by the people who want a more comfortable bike riding experience without much intensive workout. Its chair like seat provides an outstanding support to your back, and the reclined position of your body means you may not feel any strain at all.

Series # Magnetic bike
Available on Conzumr Since July 2017
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Display LCD
Display Feedback LCD display which shows time/speed/calories/distance
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Magnetic upright bike