Cosco Cosco CEB-610 Exercise Bike
Cycling with handle movement. Fan bike 470 mm flywheel attractive design with champagne color. Displays speed, time, calories and distance.
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  • Stay fit and healthy with Cosco CEB 610 Exercise Bike. In this hectic lifestyle, we don't find time to go out every morning to jogging. If it has been ages since you last rode your favorite bicycle, if you care about your health and think the exact same way, then this Bike is made just for you!
  • It has a unique FAN bike type design that is modern and will look good anywhere in your house. You can keep it in your balcony or your open penthouse. It will add to the serenity of your place. It is easy to carry with the additional benefit of its balanced weight design.
  • It has an easy to hold compartment. You can keep your juice, water or energy drinks bottle in the holding compartment. You will not be required to go and get water during your cycling. The holder compartment is also nicely placed in a well thought manner to enable easy access to the compartment during cycling.
  • It also has a 470mm Flywheel. This robust design is high on functionality with the Flywheel. This is a high quality Flywheel and will last you a lifetime.
  • The cycle has the Cycling with handle movement feature. You are not restrained with the fixed monotony of the workout on the bike. You will love to cycle every morning on this slick exercise bike. It will be your motivation to get up early every morning and your favorite time pass during the day. The kids will love it and they can also stay fit and play within the house.
  • The cycle also has a display meter. It displays clearly and accurately the speed of cycling, the calorie burnt during the workout, the total distance travelled during cycling and the time. You can keep track your workout stats with the display provided of the Cosco CEB 610 Exercise Bike.
  • The product has a 1 year warranty on any faulty part in the product. You will get a full replacement of the faulty part. The technician support will not be provided but a complete manual will be sent along with the part. You can easily get it replaced by a local mechanic or do it yourself with the Do It Yourself instruction that will be provided with the part. We provide a step by step manual to help you fix the part and you can easily follow the instruction sitting in the comfort of your home.
  • The cycle needs no installation. You can easily start using the product by following the instructions from our step-by-step manual.
  • The product comes in champagne color and is very classy and elegant to keep at your home. It will complement the surrounding and be an inseparable part of your daily routine.

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Display Feedback Computer display for speed, time, distance & calories
Fan Bike

Upright Bike - In an upright bike you need to bend the neck and back over the handle just like the traditional bicycle. An upright bike doesn't have any backrest. One can use it in the same way as it would be used in an actual bike. One can even opt for standing up and pedal that way as one can do in a traditional bicycle.

Recumbent Bike - Recumbent bike comes with a backrest and the rider's body can sit comfortably in the bike's frame with the knees almost bent at 90 degrees and your legs to pedal in front instead of down below like in case of the upright bike. Recumbent Bike can be used by elderly people or people with chronic back pain or other lower back issues or even it can be used by the people who want a more comfortable bike riding experience without much intensive workout. Its chair like seat provides an outstanding support to your back, and the reclined position of your body means you may not feel any strain at all.

Series # Fan Bike
Warranty(Months) 6
Warranty Terms The product has a 1 year warranty on any faulty part in the product. You will get a full replacement of the faulty part.
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Display Attractive design with champagne colour.
Display Feedback Computer display for speed, time, distance & calories
Frame Structure Cycling with handle movement.
Fly Wheel 470 mm Flywheel
Product Features
Fan Bike
Weight and Dimensions
Height 1170 mm
Length 1000 mm
Width 550 mm
Weight 100 kg
General Details
Seat Adjustable Seat height.
Accessory Holder Water Bottle.