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Bajaj RCX1 Mini versus Prestige Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2. Checkout latest prices and detailed specifications.

You can see list of our Bajaj Majesty New RCX 1 vs Prestige PRWCS 2.2 below, perform Side-by-Side comparison. If you need further help, do have a look at Conzumr Guides and Tips. Alternatively you can view all Electric Rice Cooker to choose your own favourites.

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Bajaj RCX1 Mini

0.4L capacity, cool touch handles, transparent lid for monitoring of rice

This bajaj majesty RCX1 mini multifunction cooker has 0.2 kg raw rice cooking capacity. It has transparent lid for monitoring of rice with cool touch handles. This cooker also comes with accessories spatula, cooking bowl, measuring cup.

  • Power consumption 200W
  • Open lid transparent glass
  • Compact & light
  • Prestige Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2

    2.2 L capacity, detachable power cord, strong body, steamer basket

    This prestige rice cooker has a capacity of 2.2 liter. It has condensation coup with steamer basket. This prestige rice cooker comes with entire menu which cook porridge, soup, stew, pulao, idlis, steam vegetables.

  • Non-stick cooking pan
  • 900 watts power
  • Strong body
  • Condensation coup
  • Keep warm etc

  • Side by Side comparison

    Alt Model #
    RCX1 Mini : 680017
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 41268
    Series #
    RCX1 Mini : RCX
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : PRWCS
    RCX1 Mini
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2
    RCX1 Mini : 4
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 2.2
    Power required
    RCX1 Mini : 200 W
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 900 W
    Type of Cooker
    RCX1 Mini : Electric Rice Cooker
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : Electric Rice Cooker
    RCX1 Mini : 24
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 12
    Warranty Terms
    RCX1 Mini : 2 Year Product Warranty
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 1 Year Product Warranty
    Color of the Product
    RCX1 Mini : White
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : White
    Non-stick coating on inner & outer surface of pot
    RCX1 Mini : -
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : 
    Body Material
    RCX1 Mini : Open Lid Transparent Glass
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : Strong body
    RCX1 Mini : 
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : -
    Cooking Bowl
    RCX1 Mini : 
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : -
    Measuring Cup
    RCX1 Mini : 
    Delight Electric PRWCS 2.2 : -