Alt Model #
SN26L800IN : iQ500 Freestanding
SN26L200IN : SN 26L 200IN
SN26L800IN : Free Standing
SN26L200IN : Free Standing
Free Standing: Free Standing dishwasher is a portable dishwasher and can be parked anywhere when not in use.
SN26L800IN : 12 Place Setting
SN26L200IN : 12 Place Setting
It is measured in terms of ‘place-setting’. Each place setting includes a plate, side plate, cup, saucer and cutlery with around 10 items altogether. Full-sized dishwashers hold between 12 and 15 place settings, Medium Sized hold 9 or 10 and compact dishwashers hold between 4 or 6.
12 Place Setting: A standard 12 place setting will hold 12 each of dinner plates, soup plates, dessert plates, serving bowls, glass tumblers, tea cups and saucers, a knives, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and teaspoons.
Water Consumption
SN26L800IN : 12 L
SN26L200IN : 12 L
No of Programs
SN26L800IN : 6
SN26L200IN : 6
SN26L800IN : Fully Electronic
SN26L200IN : Fully Electronic
SN26L800IN : Silver
SN26L200IN : White
antiFingerprint surface coating
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
LED Indicator for Program Status
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
Anti Finger Point Surface Coating
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
SN26L800IN : Front Only
SN26L200IN : Front Only
Kitchen counters may vary in height, so dishwashers must be adjusted to fit properly. Dishwashers are equipped with adjustable feet, which screw in and out, causing the washer to raise and lower with every turn.
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
It allows us to delay the time for the washing cycle to start. Ranges from 1 to 24hr.
Height adjustable upper rack
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
This indicator glows when the rinse-aid fall below the required level. Rinse aids are dispensed during relevant wash cycles and help to wash off the detergent residue. It prevents glassware from getting spots or streaks. Reduces the effects of calcium deposits in hard water areas
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
This indicator glows when the level of the salt falls in the dispenser.
Shelves in upper rack
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
Softens water up to 60 dh thereby increasing detergent efficiency.
Child Safety Lock
SN26L800IN : 
SN26L200IN : 
Energy Consumption (Cotton/Eco 60°C)
SN26L800IN : 1.02 kWh
SN26L200IN : 1.02 kWh
SN26L800IN : 600 mm
SN26L200IN : 600 mm
SN26L800IN : 840 mm
SN26L200IN : 815 mm
Net Weight
SN26L800IN : 46 kg
SN26L200IN : 43 kg
SN26L800IN : 600 mm
SN26L200IN : 600 mm
Technical Specification
SN26L800IN : 50 Hz
SN26L200IN : 50 Hz
Noise Level
SN26L800IN : 52 dB
SN26L200IN : 52 dB
SN26L800IN : 230 V
SN26L200IN : 230 V