A dishwasher is a mechanical device for cleaning used dishes which is becoming a common household item.

It cleans by spraying hot water, typically between 55-75 °C at the dishes, with lower temperatures used for delicate items. A mix of water and detergent is blasted on the dishes. Once the wash is finished, the water is drained, more hot water is pumped in for a rinse cycle. After the rinse cycle the water is drained and a heating element in the bottom of the tub heats the air to dry the dishes. Sometimes a rinse aid is used to eliminate water spots for streak-free dishes.

A comprehensive guide to buying a dishwasher

In layman terms, a dishwasher is a machine that cleans soiled dishes and utensils. It washes, rinses, dries and even sterilizes the dishes. Indian cooking methods use odd-shaped utensils, masalas and oils. Appliance manufacturers claim that your kadhai, idli makers, dosa tava, steel thalis will come out sparkling clean and free from masala and oil residue. Our guide will provide you with all the insights that help you understand and evaluate the best available dishwasher options in the market to make the right choice for your home without wasting your precious time, energy and money ...

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Appliance Type
Built In

Built-in dishwasher is a permanent fixture and requires plumbing installation.

Free Standing

Free Standing dishwasher is a portable dishwasher and can be parked anywhere when not in use.


It is measured in terms of ‘place-setting’. Each place setting includes a plate, side plate, cup, saucer and cutlery with around 10 items altogether. Full-sized dishwashers hold between 12 and 15 place settings, Medium Sized hold 9 or 10 and compact dishwashers hold between 4 or 6.

12 Place Setting

A standard 12 place setting will hold 12 each of dinner plates, soup plates, dessert plates, serving bowls, glass tumblers, tea cups and saucers, a knives, forks, soup spoons, dessert spoons and teaspoons.


Adjustable Feet

Kitchen counters may vary in height, so dishwashers must be adjusted to fit properly. Dishwashers are equipped with adjustable feet, which screw in and out, causing the washer to raise and lower with every turn.

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