Universal Nutrition Universal Nutrition Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Protein - 5 lb Mocha Cappuccino Diet Supplement
Universal Nutrition Ultra Whey Protein - 5 lb Mocha Cappuccino Ultra-filtrated and processed at low temperatures to maximize biological value (BV) , speeds up muscle recovery time and stimulates lean muscle growth
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This product has set the new standard for high quality, affordable whey protein formulas. Whether you're training to gain quality lean mass or dieting to lose body fat, Ultra Whey Pro provides an excellent and complete source of whey proteins. Every scoop delivers 22 grams of protein derived from our proprietary Pure Whey Protein Blend, a unique matrix comprised of ultra filtered whey protein isolates, peptide-rich whey hydrolysates, whey concentrate, and glutamine peptides. It is processed at the lowest possible temperature to prevent denaturing of protein which stimulates lean muscle growth, speed up muscle recovery time and increases athlete performance. It also mixes easily with a spoon, blender or shaker cup

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Size 5 lb
Flavour Mocha Cappuccino
Net Weight 2.3 Gm
22 %

The main function of protein is aiding in growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. So, higher protein in diet is better to gain body weight.

  • Highest protein was found in Endura Mass and lowest in Knoll.
  • Available on Conzumr Since January 2016

    Size 5 lb
    Flavour Mocha Cappuccino
    Serving Per Container (Min) 77
    Serving Size (One rounded scoop) 30 Gm
    Brands Tested
    Net Weight 2.3 Gm
    Nutrition Facts
    22 %
    3 %
    Calories 118
    Cholesterol 42 mg
    Sodium 59 mg
    Potassium 198 mg
    Calcium 133 mg
    Saturated Fat 1 Gm