MuscleBlaze MuscleBlaze Raw Whey Isolate Diet Supplement
Raw Whey Isolate, 2.2 lb Unflavored Raw whey isolate is a pure unsweetened and unflavoured Isolate product
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  • Multiple tests guarantee purity of whey Protein Isolate in this whey protein powder.
  • The product comes with 0 added sugar.
  • 09g fat and 0.9g carb content per serving ensuring building of nothing but pure lean muscle mass.
  • It offers the customer flexibility to consume
  • Protein bars, shakes, smoothies, cakes, cookies etc.
  • It comes with 27g protein per 30g serving giving the maximum protein content across any product available.

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Size 2.2 lb
Flavour Unflavored
Net Weight 997 Gm
90 %

The main function of protein is aiding in growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. So, higher protein in diet is better to gain body weight.

  • Highest protein was found in Endura Mass and lowest in Knoll.
  • Series # Raw Whey
    Available on Conzumr Since December 2017

    Size 2.2 lb
    Flavour Unflavored
    Serving Per Container (Min) 33
    Serving Size (One rounded scoop) 30 Gm
    Brands Tested
    Net Weight 997 Gm
    Nutrition Facts
    Protein Type Raw Whey
    90 %
    300 %
    Cholesterol 10 mg
    Saturated Fat 0.05 Gm