MuscleBlaze MuscleBlaze 100% Micellar Casein Diet Supplement
100% Micellar Casein, 2.2 lb Chocolate Delivers nearly 75% of daily value of calcium per serving (35g)
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  • Micellar casein is an in-between meal and night time protein.
  • Reduces muscle breakdown during inactivity period.
  • It is the purest form of milk derived casein protein with 24g of protein and 5.6g of naturally occuring BCAA's
  • MuscleBlaze casein is a slow digesting protein, which gives a sustained release of amino acids for upto 7 hours.
  • Mix one scoop (35g) of powder in 300-350ml of powder for best results.
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    Size 2.2 lb
    Flavour Chocolate
    Net Weight 997 Gm
    100 %

    The main function of protein is aiding in growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. So, higher protein in diet is better to gain body weight.

  • Highest protein was found in Endura Mass and lowest in Knoll.
  • Available on Conzumr Since December 2017

    Size 2.2 lb
    Flavour Chocolate
    BCCA - Branch Chain Amino Acid 5.6 Gm
    Brands Tested
    Net Weight 997 Gm
    Nutrition Facts
    100 %
    16.3 %
    Cholesterol 0.1 mg
    Saturated Fat 0.12 Gm