Dymatize Nutrition Dymatize Nutrition Dymatize Nutrition Elite Whey - 10 lb Chocolate Mint Diet Supplement
Dymatize Nutrition Elite 100% Whey Protein - 10 lb Chocolate Mint High quality protein, loaded with muscle fuel and a new improved taste
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Elite Whey Protein is packed with 25 grams of fast-absorbing 100% pure whey protein per serving. Exactly what your body needs to build muscle and recover after rigorous workouts. Elite Whey Protein has been reformulated to deliver an even more decadent taste experience. A critical component for fighting fat and building muscle. Supplement with high quality whey protein to get the results you long for. Now when you finish your workout, your protein isn't just a necessity, it's a reward as well.

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Size 10 lb
Flavour Chocolate Mint
Net Weight 4.5 Gm
25 %

The main function of protein is aiding in growth and repair of muscle and other body tissues. So, higher protein in diet is better to gain body weight.

  • Highest protein was found in Endura Mass and lowest in Knoll.
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    Size 10 lb
    Flavour Chocolate Mint
    Serving Per Container (Min) 130
    Serving Size (One rounded scoop) 34.9 Gm
    Glutamine 4 Gm
    BCCA - Branch Chain Amino Acid 5.5 Gm
    Brands Tested
    Net Weight 4.5 Gm
    Nutrition Facts
    25 %
    2 %
    Calories 130
    Cholesterol 50 mg
    Sodium 99 mg
    Potassium 370 mg
    Saturated Fat 1 Gm