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Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads are moisture-proof to keep the nappy dry for a longer period of time.
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We love babies and we understand baby’s delicate skin needs to stay dry and comfortable in a nappy. Johnson's Baby Nappy Pads provide a special absorbency system that draws moisture into the pad and locks it with a special adhesive to prevent the shifting of the pad. Lined up with a breathable quality material and soft rim, the nappy pad does not allow a tight-fit on your child’s bottom and this allows him to move about easily without any hesitation. So mothers, pamper your little one with the best care. A happy dry baby without any discomfort stays happy and playful exploring the world around her helping her senses get stimulated which is critical for your baby’s happy and healthy development. Moms trust Johnson'sAlways mild, gentle and effective.

  • Keeping your baby at ease, these nappy pads are gentle on your baby’s bottom. Proving to be an essential at home or when you take your child outside, these nappy pads prevent soiling of a place.
  • Special Absorbency System Draws Moisture into the Pad for Locking
  • Designed with a special absorbency system, these nappy pads draw moisture into the pad and locks it.
  • High Quality Adhesive Prevents Shifting of Pad
  • The high quality adhesive holds Johnsons Baby Nappy Pads in place and prevents their shifting.
  • Soft Cover Suited for Baby's Skin
  • Gentle on your child’s tender skin, these nappy pads come with a soft cover.
  • Moisture-proof Shield Keeps the Nappy Dry
  • Preventing rashes due to wetness, the moisture-proof shield keeps the nappy dry.

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Maximum Weight 5 kg
Size Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S), Extra Large (XL)
Pack Sizes 10, 20
Warranty(Months) 6
Available on Conzumr Since November 2015



Type Nappy pads
Minimum Weight 1 kg
Maximum Weight 5 kg
Size Large (L), Medium (M), Small (S), Extra Large (XL)
Pack Sizes 10, 20
Product Features
Additional Features One Size Fits All, Night Use, While Taking Baby Outside, Even Home Use, Disposable Pads, Length: 332 mm
12 Hours Dryness Yes
Cottony Softness Yes
Comfortable Fit Yes
Baby Lotion Yes
Breathable Cover Yes
Prevents Rashes Yes
Quick Lock System Yes
Anti-rash Shield Yes
Eco-friendly Yes