IFB 876S-MLC-BG Cooking Range
Easily Removable Knobs, Chef Burners, Easy Convertibility
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Elegance, style and a technological marvel

No. of Burners 5
Hob (Built-in)

Hob (Built-in): Hobs are more popular than conventional cooktops today. They function quite similar to conventional cooktops except that they are always built-in the kitchen slab. They fetch more points in terms of looks, safety and hygiene factors. There are 4 types of hobs prevalent in market today -

  • Built-in Gas Hob
  • Built-in Induction Hob
  • Built-in Electric Hob
  • Built-in Ceramic Hob

Sub Type Gas
Burner Type Chef Burner
Width 520 mm
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since September 2016
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IFB ₹ 20990
Refreshed 7 years ago

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The stylish stove designed by IFB is a technological marvel which is called 876S-MLC-BG Hob. The black glass finish merges with any kitchen top giving an elegant look to the kitchen. Elegance, style with functionality makes cooking interesting and not the mundane daily chore with IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob.

The 876S-MLC-BG Hob has five burners out of which the bigger one is called the chef burner. The other burners are small burner, chef burner, medium burner, large burner and chef large burner. The built-in hob has five knobs which independently light every burner that too with a single hand operation. There is no need for you to maintain a lighter now. The knobs are removable which add to the convenience of cleaning as well, especially as Indian cooking involves use of oil and spices.

The different material can be used together if required. With different power consumptions, you can decide what to cook on which burner. The easy to control knobs let you control the heat as well which ensures that the food will never burn away.

The grid or pan grid ( the grid that holds the pan on the burner) on IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob is enameled and removable. This ensures that the pan does not wobble on the burner. It can easily be removed for washing and cleaning.

A major breakthrough in IFB technology let you convert IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob into LPG or CNG without having to modify the appliance. With just the press of a button, you can light up the burner and start cooking.

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IFB’s 876S-MLC-BG Hob burners with power consumption

The total power consumption for 876S-MLC-BG Hob burners is 11.75 watts with the small burner consumption being 1KW, chef burner-2.5 KW, large burner-3 KW, medium burner 1.75 kW and chef large burner consumes 3.5 kw of energy.

Dimensions of 876S-MLC-BG Hob

The length of the black glass, enameled finish hob is 860 mm X520 mm X60 mm while the cutout dimension of 876S-MLC-BG Hob is 825 mm X 485 mm X 60mm. This size of the hob is convenient for a small kitchen platform as well and does not make the kitchen look cluttered.

Price and Warranty on IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob

The IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob is priced at RS 20,990 on IFB website. IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob comes with a warranty of 12 months. It is a well know fact that the quality of the material used by IFB is of a very high standard. The after sales service that they offer is one of the best in India.

  • Chef burner
  • Single handed ignition

  • No need of a lighter

  • Knobs can be easily removed

  • The glass finish is easy to clean

  • The enamelled grid that supports pan can be wiped clean easily

  • Convert the IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob into LPG or CNG

  • You can use a lighter or matchbox too if required to light the burner

  • Convenient for a new kitchen but the platform needs to be cut in the existing kitchen

  • If you plan to change your hob, then you need to find the same size of the in-built hob

  • If the electricity shuts down, the hob stops working unless you have connected it to LPG or CNG

  • Price seems to be slightly on the higher side


Add style to your everyday stoves. Make cooking interesting again like its finding your love-when you cook on IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob which is a technological marvel. This model of the hob is designed for Indian kitchens, where more of oil and gravy spills which is easy to clean. Enjoy the lighter free way of cooking with IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob. You have the option to convert to traditional LPG or CNG which adds to the convenience.

Let your IFB 876S-MLC-BG Hob be the envy of your friends and family. 

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