Elica MFC 4 B 70 SWIRL Cooking Range
Lifelong MFC Brass Burners, Rapid Heating, LPG Efficient, Black Glass Finish
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Elica MFC 4 B 70 SWIRL

No. of Burners 4
Hob (Built-in)

Hob (Built-in): Hobs are more popular than conventional cooktops today. They function quite similar to conventional cooktops except that they are always built-in the kitchen slab. They fetch more points in terms of looks, safety and hygiene factors. There are 4 types of hobs prevalent in market today -

  • Built-in Gas Hob
  • Built-in Induction Hob
  • Built-in Electric Hob
  • Built-in Ceramic Hob

Sub Type Gas
Burner Type Brass Burner
Top Material Glass
Width 700 mm
Series # Multiring Swirl
Warranty(Months) 12
Available on Conzumr Since August 2017
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The built-in 4 burner hob, glass top burner is a dream come true for every woman. Capable of running on both LPG and CNG, Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob is an ideal blend of quality, style and budget.

Introduction to Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob

The black glass finish with matt finish enamel grid is stylish and easy to clean and maintain. The controls are placed in the front for convenient access during cooking and cleaning. The technologically advanced auto ignition switch frees your kitchen from lighters and matchboxes. With just one press of the auto ignition button, you can light up the burner that too with just one hand. Get freedom from lighters with Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob.

The four burner Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob makes cooking more convenient. You can actually choose the burner for the purpose and adjust the flame to high or simmer. Out of the four burners, two with medium flame and two dual inlets burners lets you use this cook top for various cooking that requires high flame or low flame.

The configuration of the burners are, 1 MFC dual brass burner and 3 multi ring swirl burners. Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob can run on both CNG and LPG which makes it convenient to use as per what is being supplied in your kitchen. The MFC brass burners and the cast iron grid lets you choose from a wide range of utensils base that you can use which comfortably sit on the grid . This grid is easy to clean and maintain as well. The flame control choices lets you add to your versatility in cooking, whether you want to simmer the food or heat it on high flame. The rapid heating technology speeds up cooking ,which saves you fuel and cooking can be completed soon.



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Dimensions of Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob

The cutting dimension of Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob is 645 X 475 X55 mm which sits perfectly on any kitchen top adding elegance, style and functionality to the modular kitchen. The dimensions of the hob is 525 X 700 mm.

Price of Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob in India

The prices are observed to vary on different online portals. Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob is priced below Rs 20000/- though we suggest you check around for the best possible price and deals that maybe available.

Warranty on Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob

Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob comes with a one year warranty with a lifetime warranty on the burners.


Advantages of buying Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob

  • Cast iron body is scratch resistant
  • The body of the hob is easy to clean
  • No lighters or match box is required
  • The auto ignition button lets you light the burner with just one hand
  • Different flames controls let you choose the heat depending on what you are cooking

Disadvantage of Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob

  • Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob is suitable for a modular kitchen
  • Decide beforehand to install this gas hob
  • Can be fitted in an existing kitchen too, but the kitchen top goes not get the fine finish as cutting is required
  • No uniform pricing so you may end up paying more


Cooking becomes easy and fun too with Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob which is highly reliable and durable too. Worth the price, accompanied with warranty of life time on the burner, makes this a good buy for your kitchen. The convenience of running it on LPG and CNG is an added advantage. The electric auto ignition button frees you of the trouble of lighters and matches. Elica MFC4B70 SWIRL Gas hob adds style to your kitchens and convenience to your cooking too.

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