Series #
Tulip : Designer
Focus (60cms) : Designer
Lancer (90cms) BF : Designer
Lancer (90cms) CF : Designer
Iris Black(60cms) BF : Designer
Focus (60cms)
Lancer (90cms) BF
Lancer (90cms) CF
Iris Black(60cms) BF
Tulip : Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy
Focus (60cms) : Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy
Lancer (90cms) BF : Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy
Lancer (90cms) CF : Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy
Iris Black(60cms) BF : Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy
Wall Mounted - Hood/ Canopy: They are the most common hoods. They are fixed onto the wall and the hood or canopy hangs above the stove to catch fumes. It comes in various styles and designs.
Tulip : Ducted
Focus (60cms) : -
Lancer (90cms) BF : -
Lancer (90cms) CF : -
Iris Black(60cms) BF : -
There are two types of outlets
  • Ducted: In this type of outlet the fumes or heat catched by the chimney are thrown out of the kitchen.
  • Ductless In ductless outlets the fumes or smoke absorbed by the chimney is filtered and recycled back in the room.
  • Tulip : 1100 m3/h
    Focus (60cms) : 1100 m3/h
    Lancer (90cms) BF : 1100 m3/h
    Lancer (90cms) CF : 1100 m3/h
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : 1100 m3/h
    Air Suction Capacity is the motor’s capacity to absorb the odor and oily vapor and is measured as m3 per hour. A higher suction capacity is needed where a lot of frying is involved. Homes associated with normal frying requires upto 400 cubic meter per hour capacity's chimney.
    Tulip : 60 cm
    Focus (60cms) : 60 cm
    Lancer (90cms) BF : 90 cm
    Lancer (90cms) CF : 90 cm
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : 60 cm
    The hood or canopy size depends on the size of the kitchen. Normally a 2 to 4 burner stove/ hob requires a 2 ft chimney whereas a 3 to 5 burner require a 3 ft one. But to absorb maximum fumes or smoke, a chimney should cover the entire gas stove otherwise the heat, smoke or fumes will move out of the canopy area and cannot solve the desired purpose of a chimney.
    Body Material
    Tulip : Stainless Steel
    Focus (60cms) : Stainless Steel & Glass
    Lancer (90cms) BF : Stainless Steel & Curved Glass
    Lancer (90cms) CF : Stainless Steel & Glass
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : Black Glass Finish
    Tulip : Silver
    Focus (60cms) : -
    Lancer (90cms) BF : -
    Lancer (90cms) CF : -
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : -
    Tulip : Push Button Control
    Focus (60cms) : Electronic Control
    Lancer (90cms) BF : Electronic Control
    Lancer (90cms) CF : Electronic Control
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : Push Button Control
    There are 3 types of controls
  • PB - Push Button
  • ELC- Electronic Control
  • TC - Touch Control
  • Glass Color
    Tulip : White
    Focus (60cms) : -
    Lancer (90cms) BF : -
    Lancer (90cms) CF : -
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : -
    Lamp Features
    Number of Lamps
    Tulip : 2
    Focus (60cms) : 2
    Lancer (90cms) BF : 2
    Lancer (90cms) CF : 2
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : 2
    Tulip : Halogen Lamp
    Focus (60cms) : Halogen Lamp
    Lancer (90cms) BF : Halogen Lamp
    Lancer (90cms) CF : Halogen Lamp
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : Halogen Lamp
    Tulip : Baffle Filter
    Focus (60cms) : Cassette Filter
    Lancer (90cms) BF : Baffle Filter
    Lancer (90cms) CF : Cassette Filter
    Iris Black(60cms) BF : Baffle Filter
    • Charcoal or Carbon Filter: These filters are mainly used in re-cycling type of chimneys. They filter out the smoke and absorbs bad odour before it gets recycled back into the room.
    • Mesh/ Cassette Filter: There are various layers of mesh that helps in throwing out the smoke and oil particles. Cassette filter is lightweight hence detaching this filter from chimney is very easy.