Luminous Luminous Shine 4850 Charge Controller
Retrofit solar charge controller with solar optimization technique
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    Solar Retrofit is an advanced & upgraded version of Solar charge controller which converts conventional Inverter into hybrid solar inverter without any change in wiring. It has inbuilt intelligence which maximizes the use of solar energy to power your appliances. Solar Optimization technique extracts minimum power from the mains and uses solar energy to the maximum, hence saving the electricity bill and optimizing the use of eco-friendly solar energy.

  • Pure sine wave output
  • 3 operation modes: Auto/Manual/100% solar
  • MCB protection
  • 4 stage battery charging
  • LCD Display
Type Retrofit
Maximum Voc 48 V
Maximum Solar Panel Capacity 2800 W
Series # Solar retrofit Shine
Available on Conzumr Since August 2018
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Type Retrofit
LCD Display Yes
LED Indications Displays different parameters as per system status
Stages in battery charging process 4
MCB protection Yes
Operation Modes Auto, Manual, 100% Solar
Technical specifications
Maximum Voc 48 V
Maximum Solar Panel Capacity 2800 W
Maximum Battery charging current 50 A
Systems Voltage 90 V
Power Connection 60 A Terminal block
Operating Temperature 0°C to 45 °C
No. of 12V Batteries in Series 4
Weight 4.5 kg
Length 315 mm
Width 375 mm
Height 135 mm
Wire Size 16 SQ MM
Battery high voltage protection Yes
PV high current protection Yes
Reverse battery current flow protection at night Yes