Camera Type
Point and Shoot

Compact Digital Camera


Mirrorless, Micro Four Thirds, Sony Single-Lens Translucent(SLT)


Sony G Lens

G Lenses produce superior in-focus image quality, as well as beautiful defocused background.

Image Sensor and Processing

Dust Deletion Feature

Dust Delete Data is a piece of data that is appended to the photos that are to be used for dust detection and deletion using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional application (DPP) provided on the disk that comes with your Canon 70D. It maps the spots where dust is detected and writes the size and location to the appended data file for DPP to use.

Image sensor format

The image sensor format of a digital camera determines the angle of view of a particular lens when used with a particular camera. In particular, image sensors in digital SLR cameras tend to be smaller than the 24 mm × 36 mm image area of full-frame 35 mm cameras, and therefore lead to a narrower angle of view.

Camera User Interface

Interface Name

A device on a camera showing the field of view of the lens, used in framing and focusing the picture.This is the view of the world through the camera, the small rectangle with black edges that shows you what part of the world the lens is looking at and whether it is in focus or not.


The viewfinder is the only important user interface on any camera.


NFC connection

For communication with smartphones or connection to Connect Station

Additional Details

Drive Modes

The drive mode function within a camera can be used to change whether your camera shoots single or multiple shots once the shutter is full depressed. It can also be used to delay the shot by waiting 2 or 10 seconds to take a photo after the shutter has been pressed.

Camera Video reviews

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